June Real Bride | Eric + Kayla's Wedding

Eric and Kayla had a beautiful 2016 New Years Eve wedding, Kayla wore a beautiful sweat heart neckline with a lace a-line gown that flowed beautifully at the bottom which fit perfectly into their winter wedding scene. We hope you all enjoy reading about their wedding day as much as we did!

Where did you get married/have your reception?

"Ceremony was at the adorable Rose Chapel, and reception was at the Old Court House downtown."

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day?

Bride: "My favourite part was the ceremony, it felt like we were the only 2 people in the room as we stood up there holding hands and hearing each other's vows (we wrote our own) - we were both so filled with love and happiness it was the most amazing moment."
Groom: "Obviously when I married Kayla in the chapel. I really liked reading our vows/love letters to each other. After that probably the limo ride with our bridal party to the reception and our first dance."

Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"I loved all of our vendors from our photographers Ashley and Jason, Kathy and her team at Culinary Catering, our cake lady from the Painted Cake, Cass from Opus Salon who did my hair, Elissa from Darling Hair & Makeup, Phillip our awesome officiant and everyone in between - they all made our day perfect."

Any other unique details or stories about your wedding/love story you want to tell us?

"We enlisted a lot of help from our friends and family and did many of the personal touches in our big day ourselves - from designing invitations to making centrepieces and building a photo booth, we were all super busy with wedding prep. Without the help from all of them we would never have gotten everything done, we can't express enough thanks to our friends and family for that. Also a big thank you to my mother in law who did our flowers!"

Thank you so much for following Eric and Kayla's wedding story and thank you Kayla for choosing us as your wedding gown stop.

We simply love winter weddings!  And we love all the DIY touches that Kayla added into her wedding planning!

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Photography: Have Heart Photography

Vendor Interview | Bake Shop Studio

Cake, cake and more cake, who doesn't love cake?! We interviewed the Kate St Laurent, from Bake Shop Studio for this month's vendor interview and it has us drooling! From cakes to cupcakes, Kate has it all for your wedding! And, she doesn't fall short on the icing decorations! 😍 

How far in advance does the couple need to book?

"4-6 months out."

What kinds of baked goods do you offer for weddings?

"Cakes and Cupcakes."

What sets your baking apart from others in this area?

"I began my baking career after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at NSCAD University. I took all of my Fine Arts training and applied it to the Baking world, studying with international cake artist Lori Hutchinson and Sweetapolita author Rosie Alyea at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in Toronto. Cakes are a way to continue the practice of creating Art, now in an edible medium. I use local Arva Flour and I have developed my recipes with years of testing and experience behind each one. I love creating beautiful cakes but above all the cakes are created from the highest quality ingredients I can find. Looking beautiful is great but your wedding cake should better than any other cake you have tried before."

How often do you like to connect with the couple before the wedding?

"Usually couples will come into the shop to meet with me and try some cake samples and talk about their wedding plans. I can show them my work and discuss ideas I have for their wedding cake. After this initial meeting bride and grooms tend to stay in contact via email until the wedding date gets closer."

How can the couple customize their wedding package with you?

"I love designing cakes to flow with the decor, floral arrangements or overall vibes of the wedding style. I like to take inspiration from elements already in the wedding - the invitation, the venue, the bride and groom's style to create a personalized design for their cake."

How much experience do you have with baking for weddings?

"I began my Baking career working in local bakeries in London in 2009 and continued right up until I opened Bake Shop Studio in 2016."

How much of an investment is the couple looking at?

Prices are based on customizations and number of guests.

How do you help the couple pre-wedding?

"Usually the Wedding couple meet with me for a complimentary cake tasting (who doesn't love that) which is a relaxed and comfortable place to chat, try some cake and talk about wedding plans."

How do you help the couple post-wedding?

"Post Wedding I am happy to advise the couple how to properly store their top tier if they have chosen to save it for their wedding anniversary"

Thank you Kate, for taking the time to chat with us and we hope this helped some of you brides reading! If you're in the middle of wedding planning and have yet to find a bakery to provide your wedding cake or desserts, contact Kate at the Bake Shop Studio for rates and customizations.

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And as always :), if you are still on the hunt for your dream wedding gown, don't hesitate to make an appointment today! PS. We have a Canada birthday celebration happening next week in the store, so now is the perfect time to say yes to the dress!  See our Facebook page for more information! 

June Real Bride | Kayla's Dress

Naturally, as a wedding gown store, this is our favourite segment for our monthly Real Bride series and we are so excited to share Kayla's bridal store experience with you today! Kayla said yes to the dress on April 16,  2016 and tied the knot with Eric on December 31st of the same year. We absolutely adore the lace wedding gown she chose and thought it paired so perfectly for her New Years Eve wedding and venue.

About how many dresses did you try on before you found 'The One'? 


Were you expecting to purchase your dress when you came in for your appointment?

"I was ready to buy, but also prepared not to get down on the experience if I didn't find my perfect dress."

Who was with you at your appointment?

"Grandma, mom, mother-in-law and sister. :)"

Did anyone have extra influence on helping you say yes to the dress?

"Not in particular no - I knew what I was looking for."

Was the dress you bought similar to what you came in thinking you wanted?

"A few similarities."

How was your experience at Once Upon A Time Weddings?

"It was great, Sharon was awesome and worked with me to find the best dress to fit my vision!"

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your story to finding the dress?

"I actually really loved the ballgown - I didn't think I would but surprisingly loved it! I ended up going with a more fitted figure which I love but the ballgown got me all teary eyed and excited!"

Join us next Wednesday to hear all out Eric and Kayla's wedding!

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Photography: Have Heart Photography

Bridal Crawl Recap.

On Sunday, May 28th we hosted our first bridal crawl in Strathroy!  It was the perfect day!  We had over 100 people present and met so many wonderful brides!  

Becky Veen of Becky Veen Photography captured some memories of the day and I wanted to share them with you!

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful models!  You rocked the runway, helped us out in so many ways, and looked AMAZING!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  A huge thank to Alison from Bombshell Hair at Incomparable Salon in Strathroy for doing the models hair.  We loved seeing the variety of hair styles and you were awesome to work with!! 

Kristy was so excited to get to wear her actual wedding gown again!  She got married last summer in this beauty!  

Kristy was so excited to get to wear her actual wedding gown again!  She got married last summer in this beauty!  

It was the perfect day!  We will definitely be planning another Bridal Crawl and we've got some great ideas on how to make the event even better!! But, as always, we'd love for you to give us some feedback on how the event was for you!  Shoot us an email to info@onceuponatimeweddings.ca or drop us a comment!! 

A huge congrats to Britney Schiffers who won our $1000 wedding package!  Britney is planning to get married in Fall 2018 or 2019!  

A huge congrats to Britney Schiffers who won our $1000 wedding package!  Britney is planning to get married in Fall 2018 or 2019!  

June Real Bride | Eric & Kayla

June is here, the sun is shining, and we can't wait to see all of our summer brides in their low back wedding gowns, their lace wedding gowns, and all their unique alterations in some fun outdoor venues.

With a new month brings a new Once Upon A Time Weddings Real Bride feature! We are so excited to share Kayla and Eric Knieriem's story with you.

Eric & Kayla's engagement pictures from Port Stanley. 

Eric & Kayla's engagement pictures from Port Stanley. 

How did the two of you meet?

"One of my best friends helped me get my first job at the Burger King in strathroy. Eric is a little older than me so when I started he was a team leader and so was in charge of training the newbies - including me :) There's something about a man in uniform making burgers that does did it for me! Haha That was ten years ago!"

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

"Neither of us can really pick a particular moment, we both agree that we've just always known and couldn't imagine our lives without each other."

How did your fiancé propose? (from the brides point of view)

"Last March my fiancé and I went on a trip to Ottawa to sightsee, explore and find some awesome food. I think it was on our third day we had toured the parliament building and followed it up with the most awesome pizza and beers. Afterwards we walked around downtown Ottawa for what seemed like forever, just meandering about. I could tell something was up but was so cold and my feet hurt I was too distracted to really pay attention. Eventually we made our way out to the canal and walked along the pathway in the park overlooking the canal and the buildings which looked beautiful all lite up and sparkling in the water. Then we stopped to admire the view and things got quiet between us... then like a blur Eric was down on his knee say something super romantic and about how we've experienced so much together and he couldn't imagine enjoying the rest of the journey without me (or something like that I honestly was too excited to listen and started bouncing up and down, crying and shrieking). I of course screamed YES and followed it up with a huge kiss and hugs and more jumping and shrieking! I will never forget how we felt afterwards though, we both felt so dazed, like we walking on clouds and couldn't stop smiling. It was perfect and so us."

How did you propose? (from the grooms point of view)

"I took Kayla out to an incredibly icy, precarious park - something that I thought would be romantic and I proposed! (He is a man of few, hilarious, sweet words - lol)"
Their romantic view when Eric proposed!

Their romantic view when Eric proposed!


Stay tuned for next Wednesday's Real Bride blog post on Kayla's journey to saying yes to her dress!

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Photography: Have Heart Photography 

Wedding Gown: Once Upon A Time Weddings 

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How to Choose your Wedding Day Hairstyle

Are you struggling with how to wear your hair on your wedding day? We believe your dress, along with a few other tips, can help you make this decision a lot easier! 

1. Think about your comfort. You WANT to be comfortable on your wedding day and your hairstyle has a lot to do with that! Maybe you hate when hair is in your face, in that case you'll want to wear it at least half back, maybe you sweat a lot, so wearing your hair up in a nice updo or bun is more practical. Whatever it is, you don't want to be messing with your hair or feeling irritated by it on your special day.

2. Consider the neckline of your dress. Is your dress a V-neck? One-shoulder? Strapless? Don't get us wrong, any hair style can look good with any neckline but we have some suggested styles if you're having trouble with your decision! Here's what we suggest for different types of necklines...

V-neck | Half up:

High-neck | Low bun:

Thin straps | Loose up-do:

Strapless | All down:

Once Upon A Time Wedding Real Bride wearing a strapless neck-line with her hair down.

Once Upon A Time Wedding Real Bride wearing a strapless neck-line with her hair down.

3. Will you be wearing a headpiece, veil, or maybe flowers in your hair? If you have a vision of wearing something in your hair that can also help you create a hairstyle around the headpiece. Here are a few examples of different headpieces with different hair styles.

A Veil.

A veil is a classic look for any wedding gown.  We especially adore veils with lace wedding gowns.


A headpiece.  

Sometimes with a low back wedding gown or an illusion back wedding gown a headpiece is best as it doesn't compete with the back details.

A flower crown.

A flower crown is perfect for that more Boho wedding gown look.  It's the perfect addition for outdoor weddings and looks amazing with many different styles of dresses.

Maybe you know what hairstyle you want but you haven't found the perfect headpiece or veil, well we've got you covered here at Once Upon A Time Weddings.  We have just received some new hair vines, veils and headpieces to complete your bridal look!

Once Upon A Time Weddings Headband.

Once Upon A Time Weddings Headband.

Once Upon A Time Weddings Headpiece. 

Once Upon A Time Weddings Headpiece. 

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On Growth | Where OUTW is headed.


It’s a double edged sword.

You want your business to grow.  So you work hard, spend long hours doing more marketing and you become laser focused on growing your business.  You strive to deliver a great experience to your customers.

Then you grow.  And you're so grateful for that growth.  But you’ve got to make hard decisions.  Because if you don’t you won’t be able to keep growing.

And that my friends is where we’re at.  In the throes of making some BIG decisions.

We’ve been wrestling with this over the last few weeks.  We don’t ever want to do anything that will stagnate our growth.  We don’t ever want to do anything that will effect our customers in a negative way.  But the bottom line is we have outgrown our space.  We need to have the ability to do more than two bridal appointments at a time.  We need the space to grow our bridesmaids division and I need space to keep growing my coaching business.

Floor Plans!  I actually am a BIG nerd and love doing this.

Floor Plans!  I actually am a BIG nerd and love doing this.

It pains us deeply to have to move again.  Especially so soon.  This old house is filled with memories.  It’s filled with dreams.  It has represented to us a business reborn.

When we moved in, we had hoped to be here forever.  We had dreams of moving out and turning all the bedrooms into suites.  We had dreams of turning our loft into the coolest office space in the history of bridal stores.  But that’s just not possible with the number of parking spots we have as well as accessibility issues.

So we’ve scoured Strathroy in search of our new FOREVER home.  We've seen some great spaces and some, well not so great spaces.  And we’re SO close to being able to announce where we’re moving.

We’re dreaming of old doors, barnboard walls and multiple bridal suites.  And we can’t wait.

I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you this:

·      We’re staying in Strathroy

·      We’re not moving far

·      We’re going to have more bridal suites than we do currently

·      We’re keeping the same feel to the store as we have now – each suite will have comfortable seating, a built in fitting area, your own mirrors and more!

·      One of the suites will be dedicated to bridesmaids with smaller fitting rooms

Most of our team at the bridal crawl!  Missing Blair our social media guru!

Most of our team at the bridal crawl!  Missing Blair our social media guru!

I also promise to include you along the way.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you'll see all the behind the scenes details.  We've got some cool contests in mind as we plan out the new space.  We've also got some great events that we're thinking of already for the new space!  So follow along the fun!  And if you have any questions please email me at info@onceuponatimeweddings.  I can't wait to continue serving brides from all over Southwestern Ontario at our new and expanded space!

Facebook - www.facebook.com/bridalstrathroy

Instagram - @outweddings