I'm Engaged! What now?

Congrats on your recent engagement!! This is such a fun season of life! But it often can become a stressful one when it comes to planning and making decisions for your wedding. Whatever the reasons may be - let us help you come up with a rough timeline, list of things to do, and where to start!


1. Go pin crazyPinterest can be an amazing resource when figuring out your vision for your wedding. Go pin crazy for a couple of weeks and then we suggest narrowing those pins down and even printing off the things you can't live without. Putting these pictures in front of you will help you weed things out and see what details are really important to you.

2. Start a wedding binder. This may seem old school but it is SO helpful having your ideas printed, in hand and infant of you. You can keep all your inspiration pictures here, your receipts, your checklist, your RSVP's...really everything wedding related in one spot; because let' be honest, you'll be a little scatter brained during this time!

wedding binder.jpg

3. Talk about your budget. The not so fun topic of - money. This might be talked over with your parents or maybe you and the groom are paying for the wedding yourselves. Figure out a reasonable budget and figure out ways to stick to it. Write out a list of what's most important to you; a good photographer, the food, the venue, a videographer, florist, your dress, etc. Rank these aspects and start from the top when searching for these things.

4. Pick your wedding party. Have fun with this and once your girls are by your side, delegate things that they can help with because trust us - they want to help and be involved, so let them be!


5. Find your photographer and take engagement pictures. When the stress hits a high level, this is such a fun way to remind yourselves what your day is really about: the love you two share! Get dolled up and make a day date out of it!

6. Go dress shopping. Get your girls, invite your mom, grab some lunch and have fun trying on all the wedding dresses! This will be SO much fun for you as a bride - getting into those wedding dresses for the first time is so magical and having your girlfriends with you will make it even more exciting! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 9.55.55 PM.png

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December Real Bride | Brianne Waeijen

Hello December!! This month we are welcoming Brianne Waeijen and her hubby Ambrose as our featured Once Upon A Time Weddings Real Bride! These two have the sweetest connection and just wait until you hear Brianne tell their proposal story below; we are loving her genuine voice!


How did the two of you meet?

"We went to high school together and Ambrose was friends with a few friends of mine (and even dated one haha) but I didn't really know him until grade 12 when we became friends - he had to ask me out a couple times before I said yes."

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

"Ambrose and I just seem to click - we have our own language of grunts and mumbles where the other person knows exactly what the other is thinking but no one else can follow our communications."

How did your fiancé propose?

"I got to Ambroses house one Saturday morning and was texting him that I had arrived when his best friend knocked on my SUV window and nearly gave me a heart attack - he then proceeded to tell me that I was coming with him - he dropped me off at our local conservation area with a map in my hand and then left! I was terrified and followed the map to where I was supposed to find my first clue - and I could not find it and sat down and started to cry. I eventually composed myself and moved on to find 3 other clues before returning to the first one - I then unlocked a box with another map to where he was located - by this time my flip flops are broken and I'm super upset as I start my trek across town (well thats what it felt like anyways) - when I evetually find him he proceeds to propose while I throw my collection of stuff at him and say yes."

Join us next week to hear all about how Brianne said yes to the dress!

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Photography: Creative Inspirations Photography

Winter Wonderland Wedding Tips

December is here and we are so excited to see some snowy weddings in our gowns BUT snow = cold so how do you prepare for your epic winter wonderland wedding? We've come up with some helpful tips for making the most out of those chilly wedding days!

1. Wear your dream dress. Don't let the cold weather scare you into wearing a dress you think needs to be worn, if you love strapless then go strapless!

Once Upon A Time Weddings Bride, Stacey.

Once Upon A Time Weddings Bride, Stacey.

2.. Cover up. If you plan on having your ceremony/reception at two different locations and you plan on taking pictures outside, bring a cute cover up for the ride to your reception and for in-between pictures! Pick something that adds to your style and it will make a perfect addition to your pictures.

Via Pinterest, plaid blanket scarf playing off her bouquet colours.

Via Pinterest, plaid blanket scarf playing off her bouquet colours.

Once Upon A Time Weddings Bride added a lace jacket to her gown for the chilly weather.

Once Upon A Time Weddings Bride added a lace jacket to her gown for the chilly weather.

3. Shoe choice. Wear whatever shoes you want for your ceremony/reception but be sure to bring an extra pair for walking around in the snow for pictures! This is a fun way to show your style a little extra - think Uggs, Hunter boots, cowboy boots, close toed heels, etc.

Find these Hunter boots here.

Find these Hunter boots here.

4. Provide a hot drink station. This is such a fun way to warm up your guests after the ride over to your reception location. Whether it's hot apple cider or hot chocolate, guests are sure to remember this unique gesture.


5. Light. Now that winter has hit, the sun is setting much earlier so, be sure to think about this when planning your photography. Maybe you want to hold your ceremony earlier in the day or do your portraits before your ceremony. This also is a great chance to add some extra sparkle to your day with candles, the ever so trendy Edison-bulb lights, Christmas lights strung from trees, etc.


If you're a December OUTWeddings bride, send us your pictures! We can't wait to see how your day turns out! 

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3 Ways To Make Sure Your Wedding Is Unique.

1.     Start with an unique gown.

Choose a wedding gown that reflects you and your personality first and foremost.  Choose a gown that you haven’t seen walk down the aisle fifteen times already.  Don’t be afraid to try something on that might be outside of what you thought you would wear.  It’s true, that you just never know until you try gowns on.  The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it and you move on to the next gown!



2.     Choose elements that reflect you & your fiancé

It’s your wedding day after all.  Think about things that reflect your personality.  Do you both love hockey?  Are you all about books? Travel? Cooking?  Whatever it is, find ways to incorporate touches of the two of you.  An ode to where you met, the timeline of your love story, there are so many ways to corporate small details into your wedding day.  Don’t feel like you have to do certain elements because it’s “tradition”.  There used to be a lot of rules when it came to wedding days, but now, there’s not as many.  Find what makes your heart get excited and follow that.

Skip the traditional.  Having a more laid-back affair? Skip the traditional wording.  Have a favourite song?  Incorporate the lyrics into your vows.  There are tons of ways to make sure that the wedding reflects you + fiancé.

IMG_2551 2.JPG

3.     Don’t let fear stop you.

Don’t be afraid to do something different.  It’s your day.  If you want to have food trucks, then do it! If you want to play lawn games and then have a bonfire, do it! The best weddings I have been to have been where the bride and groom truly enjoyed the day.  That joy will radiate in your pictures and you’ll look back on the day with fondness.  It’s okay to be the first of your friends to try something new!  



Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Today we are going to chat about wedding invitation etiquette which was one of the many topics we received from our followers. So first, we think it's important that there isn't really a right or wrong way to do things for YOUR wedding. But there are guidelines out there that you can start with if you have no idea where to even begin! 


1) First off, what do you need to include in your wedding invitation?

  • Who's hosting.
  • Bride and Groom's maiden names.
  • The actual invitation - "We request your presence at our wedding..."
  • Date, location, and time.
  • Reception to follow (address if it's a different location).

2) When addressing the outside of the envelope go with your overall theme; are you a traditional bride or are you going the more casual route. Either way, below is a list of overall etiquette for addressing your envelope in different situations; IE: unmarried, different last names, Dr, etc.

Via: www.modwedding.com

Via: www.modwedding.com

3) Wording the inside of your invitation based on who is hosting the wedding. Again, this does depend on how formal you are going but either way here are some tips that people typically use.

  • If parents are married: "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith"
  • If parents are separated: "Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Doe."
  • If parents are deceased: "Mr. John Smith and the late Mrs. Jane Smith."
  • If parents are remarried: Mother of the bride is written first then followed by Father of the bride.
  • If couple is hosting wedding on their own: "Together with our families, (insert bride and groom's name) invite you to celebrate..."

We hope this helps with some of the questions we received about the etiquette of addressing wedding invites!

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November Real Bride | Erin and Jeff's Wedding

We aren't quite sure how it happened so fast but this is our final blog of the November Real Bride series and we have loved showcasing Erin and Jeff's story! I mean come on, look at her in that dress! 😍 We hope you enjoy reading all about their wedding day in today's post!


Where did you get married/have your reception?

"We got married on my family's home farm where I work. Outside on the lawn. Our reception was at the Parkhill Community Centre."

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day? 

"Seeing each other for the first time when I walked down the isle. Also, just seeing all of our family and friends coming together to help celebrate!"

Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"One-12 Photography, Amotion Films (Videography), Pineridge BBQ, Schwartzentruber Music Services (our DJ)."

If you're a Once Upon A Time Weddings Real Bride, please send us a message on Facebook because we'd love to feature you!

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Photography: One-12 Photography

Interview With BBQ Feast Catering

This month we interviewed David Doherty, with the catering company BBQ Feast Catering. Our idea with these interviews is to give you insight into what to ask potential wedding vendors and introduce you to local vendors for your wedding! The food over at BBQ Feast Catering is making our mouths water, read at your own risk! ;)  


How far in advance do you like a bride + groom to book with you?

"Any time frame, given we have an available crew."

How long have you all been in business?

"20 Years, since 1998!"

What kind of food do you offer?

"We specialize in Southern BBQ, Brazilian BBQ and Canadian BBQ. Barbecue!"

Do you offer a tasting and what does that look like?

"Yes, We offer a selection of our meats throughout the off season(Nov. - April). The one hour appointment consists of a catering facility tour, menu consultation and meat tasting. Usually on Saturdays."

Do you set up everything on site? Is that customizable?

"As little or as much as our clients need, we can completely customize to their needs."

Do you have a max amount of guests that you can serve? If yes, what is your max?

"Minimum of 50 , Maximum of 10,000 Guests."

What's the average price range and do you offer packages?

"$30.00 - $125.00 per guest."

When do you require a final head count?

"15 days prior to event date."

Are you able to prepare allergy friendly plates for a few guests, and is there an additional fee?

"Yes, all dietary restrictions can be met. Sometimes fees do apply!"

Do you offer appetizers and dessert or just the main meal?

"Yes, we have a huge selection of full service or buffet apps again depending on the couple's wants and needs.  We also have many homemade desserts available."

Do you provide a full service? IE: Plates, napkins, utensils, tables, chairs...

"Yes, but we do not provide rental items. All required food service items are provided and included in our pricing."

What sets you apart from other caterer's in the area?

"Experience, equipment, cleanliness and quality of service. Just to name a few!"

We hope this Q&A has answered some of your questions when looking for a wedding caterer! You can contact BBQ Feast Catering right here.

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