Real Bride | Kelsey + Greg's Wedding Day!

Well here we are already at the third week of April.  Today we get to journey through Kelsey + Greg's wedding day.  They got married on February 10th, 2018 at Windermere Manor.  Let's dive into their wedding day story.


What did your (now) husband think of your dress?

It was a beautiful dress that was unique to her.

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day? 

We both loved getting ready with our wedding party, as well as hanging out and dancing during the reception. I also sang to Greg during the ceremony after taking SIX MONTHS of singing lessons in secret. No one had any idea what I planned except for the vendors and I will never forget the look on Greg's face as I sang to him.

Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

It's hard to choose! Can we say all of them?
Our day would not have been possible without them.
Michelle A Photography, Through the Lens Productions, Unmistakably You, Caleb from DJ Alpha, NJS Designs, Jim Anderson Flowers, Studio 83 Hair Design, Catherine Krahn (makeup), Invited by Dani, Jeff Hicks (officiant)

We have loved taking this journey with Kelsey + Greg and we wish them many, many years of a happy marriage.  May you look back on your wedding day as the beginning of your next chapter together.

Wedding Gown + Bridesmaids: Once Upon A Time Weddings

Photography: Michelle A Photography

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Blog | Advice From A Past Bride

This is one of our favourite segments on our blog.  We interview real brides who have been there, tied the knot & we ask for all their best advice from their wedding.  

Today, we're featuring Logan Hill's best wedding day advice.  Logan purchased her gown from OUTW & got married on September 12, 2015.  She looked amazing in her gown and we cannot wait for you to read her words of wisdom. 


What is the biggest piece of advice you would give a newly engaged bride-to-be?

Don't sweat the small stuff! Whatever is not done by the day of, is not important and no one will notice, and/or care.

Easier said than done :)  But worth trying, for sure!

What is the best advice you would give for a bride-to-be who is searching for her dream dress?

Just try on whatever they suggest. Even if you hate it, at least you tried, and it may be a style that actually looks good on you.

What is the best advice you were given as a bride-to-be?

To just enjoy the day. It goes so fast

What is something you regret when wedding planning?

Listening to everyones ideas and opinions. It makes it confusing and frustrating. Just do what you want.

What is one thing you're glad you did when you were planning your wedding/engaged?

Made all the centre pieces myself. Then It was what I wanted and if they didnt look great it was my fault. Knowing how hard I worked and having some not turn out made it easier to just " meh oh well". Its just a centre's not the end of the world.

Is there anything else you'd want to tell a future bride?

Have good food, good music/dj, and a dress you feel great in. That is all anyone remembers. The food, the fun, and the dress.

Some wise words from Logan.  Thanks for sharing with our brides-to-be!  We love sharing advice from real brides who have already walked down the aisle.  If you'd like to share some click here!

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Photographs by Alisha Martens Photography.

Real Bride | Kelsey's Say Yes Story!

Today, as part of our Real Bride feature, we get to tell the story of how Kelsey said Yes to the Dress at OUTW.  She came to the store on February 21, 2017, just under a year away from her wedding day.  It was the second gown she put on.  She tried on several more at OUTW before saying yes to make sure she felt confident in her decision, but nothing quite compared to the one she loved!  She made a beautiful choice & was such a beautiful bride.  Here's her story.


Did you try on dresses before coming to OUTW?

No. OUTW was my first and last store!

Were you expecting to purchase your dress when you came in for your appointment?

I was ready to buy, but also prepared not to get down on the experience if I didn't find my perfect dress.

Who was with you at your appointment?

My mom, one of my maids of honour, Aziza, and best friend/photographer Michelle

Did anyone have extra influence on helping you say yes to the dress?

It wasn't necessarily an extra influence, but it really helped having Michelle there to talk about how the dress would photograph!

This next question is one of our favourites.  We love asking our brides this because it's a great reminder that no brides are going to have the exact same Say Yes Story.  Every bride's is different and we love embracing that uniqueness at OUTW!

Was the dress you bought similar to what you came in thinking you wanted?

Not even close! I came in with the idea of an ivory long sleeve, fitted lace gown and left with a strapless blush ballgown!

Kelsey's maids purchased their gowns from OUTW as well.  This is what she says about that second experience back in the store.

It was just as great as the first! Sharon was able to have me wear the stock gown of my dress to see how they would all look together which really helped us see the big picture.

 Shout out to wedding planner, extraordinaire, Amy of Unmistakably You, pictured here doing her thing with Kelsey!

Shout out to wedding planner, extraordinaire, Amy of Unmistakably You, pictured here doing her thing with Kelsey!

How was your experience at Once Upon A Time Weddings?

It is so hard to put it into words! I have never experienced anything like it before. Sharon was our consultant and she felt like someone we had known forever by the time we left. She put up with my indecisiveness and gave some great suggestions. It was so easy to trust her! When I was unsure about the gown I ended up purchasing, she talked me through how I was feeling and reassured me when I was nervous. It would have been impossible without her help.

We've loved walking through Kelsey's Say Yes Story today on the blog.  Join us next Wednesday as we walk through Kelsey + Greg's wedding day.

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All pictures the work of amazing Michelle A Photography.

How to Blog | Invitation Process

This fall, with the expansion of OUTW into our new home, we wanted to add a few more services for our beautiful brides.  We loved the idea of having invitations and stationary needs available right in our store.  We met with The Paper Bride out of Chatham and were so excited to dive in as one of their consultants.  


There are three reasons we picked The Paper Bride.

1. Because Jenn & Laurie are total sweethearts and real professionals.  They love what they do and that shines through from every interaction with them.  

2. Their invitations are also totally customizable and we love that about them.  Your invitations are your guests first glimpse into your vision for your day.  And we feel so honoured to help you create and begin seeing that vision come into execution.

3. Their prices are totally reasonable.  Simple invites start at just $1.50 per invite.  And you can order as many or as little as you'd like.  Need 52 invites? No need to order an extra 20 or 25 invites, we can place the order for 52!

Today, on the blog we'd thought we'd walk you through the invitation process.  Of course, we have a process for it, because our main goal at OUTW is always to make it as easy and painless as it can be!

So let's dive in!

Untitled design-6.jpg

Step 1: Talk to Your Fiance & Your Parents

Figure out how many guests you'll be inviting.  When determining number of invitations needed, remember that most guests are couples or families and typically you need roughly half of the number of guests are on your guest list.  Determine what your budget is for invitations.  Begin the conversation of what you want the wording to look like for the invitations.  Do you want just your names on the invites, parents names, just brides parents?  There used to be a lot more rules to whose names appeared on the invitation, but now a days most couples either put both parents names or no parents names on the invitations.

Untitled design-7.jpg

Step 2: Meet with Us

Schedule an invitation consult and come in and speak to one of our stylists.  We'll walk you through creating your custom design invitation suite.  We have some samples to show you but everything is customizable.  We'll help walk you through all the wording and create an order to be submitted to The Paper Bride.

Untitled design (1).jpg

Step 3: Place Order + Pay Deposit

We'll send in all your order information to The Paper Bride.  They require a 50% deposit to begin layout of invitations.  Once your deposit has been paid, they'll begin to layout all the information that we sent them.

Untitled design (2).jpg

Step 4: Email Proof

The Paper Bride will create an invitation proof via email.  This will help us catch any errors or spelling mistakes and give you a visual of what your invitation will look like.  Want your names a bit bigger or to change the font?  One design change is included in your pricing so if you want to change anything in your order, this is your time to do it.  If all looks good, we move to the next step.

Untitled design (3).jpg

Step 5: Invite Proof

Once we get your approval of the email proof, the The Paper Bride will print and create one invitation for you to approve.  Once you sign off this copy, they go to print, so we do suggest you review it carefully and make sure all information is perfect!

Untitled design (5).jpg

Step 6: Production

Once final approval has been given, your invitations will go to production.  They will be printed and boxed up for shipping to our store.  Production can take anywhere from a few weeks to six weeks.  We can usually accommodate shorter orders, just ask!

Untitled design (6).jpg

Step 7: Arrival & Assembly

Your invitations will be shipped to OUTW and you'll come in and pick them up.  Most of our invitation orders will come as DIY kits, which means you'll assemble them yourself.  Don't worry, we'll show you exactly how and you can purchase the tape here for that as well.  If you don't want to assemble them, we can price that out for you!  Throw them in the mail and you're good to go!

Still have more questions?  Shoot us a text at 519.319.6623 or an email to  
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Real Bride | Kelsey + Greg Engaged!

It's hard to believe it's April!  But with a new month, comes a new Real Bride.  This month we'll be journeying with Kelsey + Greg who got married in February 2018.  Today on the blog, they're sharing their engagement story.


How did the two of you meet?

We met working together at Future Shop. Greg was in the department next to mine, right across the aisle.

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

There was one night when I was at work after having a rough week that he sent me a picture of the sunset, something I always watch out our window. He said something along the lines of "I know you would be so excited if you saw this, I didn't want you to miss it." It was after he did that I knew I wanted to spend forever with him.

How did your fiancé propose? (from the brides point of view)

He was taking me to Toronto after the Christmas holidays, as I had moved away for school. I knew something was up because he said there was something he HAD to do that morning. Turns out he was telling my parents his plan! We pulled off the highway in Milton and went for a hike to a frozen waterfall. He waited till we were alone and asked me to marry him.

How did you propose? (from the grooms point of view)

We were driving her back to school and we stopped at a conservation area. We hiked to a frozen waterfall and I proposed.

Join us next week as Kelsey shares her Say Yes Story.  She'll share the details of how she found her gown at Once Upon A Time Weddings. 

Photographs by Michelle A Photography.

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Bridal Crawl | All The Details.

Join Us!.jpg

List of Participating Vendors:

  • Once Upon A Time Weddings
  • Amanda Kopcic Photography
  • Sydenham Ridge Estates
  • Unmistakably You Wedding Planning
  • Wesley Forbes Photography
  • Shannon Constantine Photography
  • Lisa Woodiwiss Officiant
  • Music Central
  • Clock Tower Inn + Bistro
  • Lori Beneteau Photography
  • Kettle Creek Weddings - Pete Olver
  • KYIS
  • Bright Eyes Bakery
  • Altered Elegance

Brides-to-be + their entourages will start at OUTW and register and pick up a passport.  Once registered, they'll "crawl" around to the participating vendors and get their signatures on the passport.  Some vendors will have promotions or specials that day!  After finishing the crawl, your group will head to Sydenham Ridge Estates for a fashion show, cash bar + some games.

Cost for the crawl is $12 for brides to be and their guests are free.  We just need to know how many guests you're bringing.  You can purchase tickets here.

For all brides who purchase their tickets before Thursday, April 19th you'll be entered into a draw for a trip to VEGAS!  You get free accommodations for two nights in a select Las Vegas Resort.




Burgundy + Slate Blue Wedding Theme

Last year, the colour Marsala exploded on the wedding scene and popped up in everything from decor to bridesmaids gowns to florals.  This year, the colour Slate Blue has quickly taken the wedding industry by storm.  Today, on the blog, I thought I would feature the two colours together and the effects are beautiful!

 These colours look amazing mixed with a touch of gold in the accents.

These colours look amazing mixed with a touch of gold in the accents.


For this colour combo you could put the men in either grey or navy.  Throwing in some pops of blush and creams make the colours pop that much more.


We loved the dusty blue flowers with pops of other colours.  We are loving the trend of creating a bouquet that has multiple colours within it.  This bouquet would also look amazing with your maids in the wine colour.


Who doesn't love a floral crown?  They are such a fun way to incorporate your colours and achieve that Boho look.


We matched this Slate Blue gown with some blush & burgundy florals that we had in the store.  Such a beautiful look.  This bouquet also has touches of lace in it as well.  


Another option would be to keep your bridal bouquet a bit simpler and do the girls with more accent colours.  We love the pops of the darker burgundy mixed in with the softer shades.  Against a white or ivory gown this bouquet would be stunning! 


We love this decor.  It's a great reminder that less is sometimes more.  I love that the main colour is the dusty blue and then there are some splashes of gold and subtle hints of burgundy in the flowers.  I love the candles and that it's fancy without being too over the top.  


And of course, we couldn't do a theme without showcasing a gown from OUTW that we thought would fit in perfectly with this colour scheme.  This is a new arrival for us and the back and train are equally as stunning.  We adore the classic ivory with this colour to make the burgundy + slate blue be the focal point.

Do you have a theme or colours picked yet for your wedding day?  Tell us about it!