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Unsure of the appointment process, Read On.


Step 1. Make an Appointment to Begin the Magic

We want to preserve the making of magic, so we do our absolute best to schedule only one bridal gown experience at once. Each bride will have a dedicated bridal stylist for their entire appointment and access to our exclusive designs and accessories in the comfort of their own bridal suite.  

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Step 2: Things to Think About Being the Magic Can Happen..

A. Who Should You Bring to Your Experience? Our bridal suite can accommodate up to five or six additional guests, but think about who should be there with you through this magical experience. Bring those whose opinions matter to you. We strongly suggest keeping your magical experience intimate and small for the ultimate bridal experience.

B. What Should You Bring with You? If you already own a strapless bra, bring it along. If you have shoes around the height you want to wear bring those along too.

C. How Long Will My Bridal Experience last? Most bridal appointments last between an hour and a half and two hours. 


Step 3: The Beginning of Making Magic

Before you arrive to Once Upon A Time Weddings bridal store we will begin the magic making experience.  Once you've booked your appointment, watch your email for a confirmation and a short questionnaire that will help guide your gown to you. Once you arrive to your appointment your bridal stylist will ask a few more questions before pulling gowns for you.  If you have any inspiration pictures or if you desire to, please share or send your pictures or pinterest link to us before your bridal experience. This will greatly help your gown find you quicker!

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Step 4: Let the Magic Find You!

Keep an open mind as we try gowns on. Who knows, you just may be pleasantly surprised! Most brides try on before 4-9 gowns during their magic bridal experience. Don’t stress if it’s more or less. Think about your venue and your colors as your gown search begins!

If you’re ready to begin your magical bridal experience at Once Upon A Time Weddings please click below and follow the steps.