Why You Should Say Yes to a Private Line Dress..

Another advantage to not advertising in bridal magazines or doing elaborate websites means huge advertising savings for our private lines, which in turn means savings for our brides.  Some brides mistakenly think that private lines would be more expensive because they’re more exclusive, but that just isn’t the case. 

When you’re not paying more for the name attached to the gown, then your hard earned money can going into paying for a gown that’s built properly from the inside out.  The gowns in our store meet our very high standards in regards to fabric, structure, construction and high quality beadwork.  When we purchase our gowns at market we aren’t just looking at the outside of the gown.  We pay very close attention to the construction of the gown.  This will save you money in the long run as well as well-made gowns are easier to alter.

One of these ball gowns is from a traditional designer and the other is from one of our private, exclusive lines.

One of these ball gowns is from a traditional designer and the other is from one of our private, exclusive lines.

Purchasing from our store you know you are supporting a small, local, family run business.  But you’re also supporting several small businesses when you purchase a private line gown.  You’re quite literally helping families put food on the table rather than helping a CEO buy his third vacation home.

Smaller, private lines care about their stores.  They don’t sell to every store in every city so they need to make sure the stores they sell to are happy and well taken care of.  One of our private gowns came in with a flaw to it.  The designer had it remade as top priority (less than a week) and the head of the company (who just so happened to be in China when it was finished production) personally flew it back from China so we’d have it faster and correctly.  You just don’t get that kind of service from big designers.

Choosing your wedding gown is a very personal and emotional decision.  I would encourage you to look to think small when you’re purchasing your gown.  If you aren’t the type of bride to wear a mass produced, totally-seen-it-before gown then we’d love to have you in the store and show you our wonderful selection.  If you’re the type of bride who cares more about the quality that goes into the gown, than the name written on the inside, then we’re the store for you.  If you’d like to book an appointment click here or call 519.245.7997.

PS.  As we make this transition some of our not so private lines will be sold to accommodate room for our private lines.  So if you’re looking for a great designer gown at a great price, then now is your time.  Some of these gowns have not been in the store long!