Private, Unadvertised Bridal Lines...

Why Buy Private?

Ever since we opened, Once Upon A Time Weddings has sought to bring in unique and beautiful gowns for our customers. We want our brides to feel beautiful, look confident and not be a cookie cutter bride. But what does it mean to you as a bride, to buy from a private, unadvertised line?

A lot of times brides mistaken think that private lines will be more expensive, because in their minds, usually exclusive means expensive. However, this is totally not the case with bridal gowns. Unadvertised, private lines, like the ones that we carry here at Once Upon A Time Weddings don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising. They don’t have fancy websites and they don’t pay for full page ads in big bridal magazines. They sell to stores like us who want to bring something to their area that no other store carries. They don’t want to be in every store. And therefore we can pass those savings onto you, the bride.

Private, unadvertised lines have more time to spend on the quality of the gowns as they aren’t spending as much time marketing and selling. They pay attention to the quality of the gown, rather than the name on the label. Which means you purchase a gown that is made with more boning, more structure and which will hug your curves in all the right places.

Our brides love that they can find gowns at our store that can’t be found at any other bridal store. They love that it’s THEIR gown and not hundreds of others brides as well as theirs. Because of our unique relationship with our designers, we can so often do custom changes or design changes and we actually work with the designers to come up with new styles. Big advertised bridal lines just don’t have that customization or personal touch.

Here is the exciting news - this trip to Dallas we were able to find a fairly new line of gowns that are a private collection that offer all these benefits listed above. We are bringing this line into Canada. That’s right CANADA. No other bridal store in any province, or anywhere in Ontario currently. It’s the ultimate collection of beautiful gowns and intricate details. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM TO ARRIVE!! They offer the most customization that I’ve seen in a line of gowns. If you are a bride who wants something she hasn’t seen a hundred times before, or that isn’t in every magazine she’s picked up, then you have to check out our selection at Once Upon A Time Weddings. Click here to book your exclusive appointment and begin your journey to I DO’s.