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By far, the most popular question that brides ask me is whether or not they need an appointment here at Once Upon A Time Weddings. They often ask because they just don’t know. Truthfully, most of them haven’t been shopping for a wedding gown before, so they are unclear of the etiquette around visiting stores. If you’re new to Once Upon A Time Weddings you may not know yet, {but you soon will} that we do things differently than most bridal stores do. At our store, our goal is not to herd brides through by the hundreds. In fact, we don’t even think we’re the bridal store for everyone. Instead of trying to pack our bridal store with brides & their entourages, we prefer to see ONE bride at a time. That’s why you need an appointment. We want to know when you’re coming so we can schedule your appointment to give you a private experience.

Once Upon A Time a bridal consultant worked individually with each bride. She was well educated and lived and breathed all things wedding. Her passion and drive was to match each and every bride with the perfect gown and accessories. Her entire focus was on the bride & her entourage providing a private atmosphere to help transform her into the beautiful, blushing bride that she is.

At Once Upon A Time Weddings we help brides travel back into time in order to find their happily ever after. So if you want to purchase more than just a gown, and you want to be more than just a number or commission, then you have to see the experts at Once Upon A Time Weddings.

In today’s world of chain bridal stores, department stores carrying bridal gowns too and high school consultants, it’s time for a change. It's time for a store whose focus is entirely on you. For a store who knows just what gown to pick to flatter your silhouette. We book each and every one of our appointments to create a private, individualized appointment with one of very trained bridal consultants. If you’re ready to be more than just a number, then travel back into time and discover Once Upon A Time Weddings for yourself.

Once Upon A Time Weddings Operating Hours

Monday & Thursday 3-7

Once Upon A Time Weddings Available Appointment Hours

Monday - Friday 10-8

Saturday 10-7

Sunday 2-7

We do require appointments for bridal appointments, picking up gowns, tuxedos & accessories. Should you have any questions regarding this information please call 519.245.7997 or email Please be aware that our store phone will forward to owner, Erin Bouchards cell phone on days were not in the store.

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We open up our store day, evening or weekend so that you can have the ultimate bridal shopping experience. You can schedule your private & personal experience online at or by calling the store at 519.245.7997 or texting us at 519.319.9441. It’s just one of things that makes us different. Come discover all the other reasons.

Be Beautiful!

Erin Bouchard