Today I'm thankful.  Blessed, really.  I get to wake up everyday and do what I LOVE to do and that's incredibly rewarding.  The talented, Wendy Hord from Soul Photography came over to the store a couple of weeks ago and snapped some pictures of the new location.  I wanted to share some of them with you, as well as tell you a few reasons I LOVE this location.

1.) I love that we have a gas fireplace in the entrance.  It automatically makes you feel like you're at home.  It's also a great place for us to display some of our brides pictures {recently married, send us some shots at}

2.) I love that these built in bookshelves adorn our accessory suite.  It's the perfect way for us to show off our finishing pieces for your big day!

3.) I love that we can provide our brides with a private, relaxed atmosphere for them & their entourage.  We know that purchasing a wedding gown should be an experience and we're all about creating that for you!

4.) We're grateful that our brides are LOVING our new location and continue to spread the word about our little boutique to their friends & family.  We continue to grow and welcomed so many new brides into the Once Upon A Time Weddings family over the last few months.

A huge thanks to Soul Photography for the pictures!  Check out Wendy's work here.  If you're ready for your gown shopping experience please click here.