5 Things No One Tells You About Planning A WEDDING!

  1. You will get stressed out.  It’s okay.  There may even be moments when you wonder why on earth you don’t just elope and be done with all the craziness.  Breath.  It will work out.  Rely on your mom, your fiance or your girls to help you through those terrifying moments.  Don’t fret the small things.



2.  Life isn’t always a fairytale.  Sometimes things are hard.  Sometimes you will regret decisions or change your mind.  This is kind of a test run for how you will handle curves in your marriage.  Learn now to rely on each other and work things through together.  Sometimes you will fight, sometimes you will argue.  That’s okay.  Every relationship has it’s challenges.  Just don’t give up, keep working on it.

3.  Like any other stage in life, there will be a time you look back and miss those wedding planning days.  Don’t rush it past.  It’s an exciting time in your & your fiance’s life.  Embrace it.

4.  Let your fiancé be involved in the wedding.  I know it’s the day you dreamed of since you were a little girl.  We know you are excited, but it’s important to remember it’s his day too.  Involve him when you can and seek out his input before you make big decisions.  Think about what he would like as you shop for wedding details.

5.  There is life after the wedding.  Don’t lose focus on what the end goal is.  A marriage.  A life together.  Take some time to prepare for your married life.   Invest in your relationship and make time for date nights and doing activities you enjoy together.