Styling Your Maids.

Here at Once Upon a Time Weddings our main goal is helping you find your dream dress along with offering our unique in-store experience. But, what can we offer after you 'say yes to the dress'? What else is on your wedding to-do list that we can help you check off? How about finding dresses for those most important girls standing next to you on your day! We offer a wide selection of colours and styles for your bridesmaids along with that same in-store experience all over again!

We combined four of our wedding gowns with some of our bridesmaids dresses to show how your maids dresses can help enhance your gown.

Below is one of our best selling dresses combined with the ever-so-popular, Pinterest-esque, sequins trend! We love how the sequins can bring out the sparkle and the under-tone blush colour in the bridal gown without taking the over your gown.


Next, we show a way to 'bring out your bling' even more by accenting your dress with a maids dress that also has some bling.

Thirdly, we are breaking out the lace! This maids dress helps bring out your lace texture and your under colour without over taking over.

Lastly, the ombre look! We have combined the same gown with four different maids dress. Ones of different shades, lengths, and styles; who ever said your girls had to be matching in these categories!

So whatever look you're going for with your maids, the stylists at Once Upon A Time Weddings can help pull it all together for you!  Click here to book your maids experience!