How to: Thank You Notes.

We all know the joy of going to our mail box and receiving a letter! But, after your wedding it can seem like such a daunting task when you finally sit down to write all those thank you notes. So, we've come up with a few simple tips to help make this process a little easier and quicker!

1. Hand written is most genuine! Don't cheap out and print a generic thank you note for everyone, in our world of emails, texts, and the internet it means so much more when receiving a hand written letter in the mail. Especially after a guest has spent their time + money to come to your wedding!

2. Format. 

        A) Make sure you spell their name right when addressing the letter! This might seem like      a given but on your 12th note you might start getting a little too lackadaisical. 

        B) Thank you for the ______ (be descriptive! name the gift!)

                 -If it's money, thank them for their generosity.

        C) State how you're going to use the gift. I cannot wait to hang up the clock in our kitchen!

                 -If it's money, tell them how you plan on spending it! 

         D) Tell them why you're thankful for their friendship or maybe for traveling to your wedding.

         E) Close with some sort of "thanks again for..."

3. Maybe include a printed picture of them from the wedding. This is an extra nice way to show you were thinking about them when you printed your wedding pictures off. 

4. Don't forget about your vendors! We, as vendors, absolutely LOVE seeing pictures of you on your wedding day! Whether it be a picture during the ceremony for the officiant, a picture of you + your groom showcasing the venue, or a close up of you getting ready for your make up artist; we all appreciate getting to see our service showcased uniquely + beautifully on your wedding day!

We can't wait to see our past brides and futures brides on their wedding days!

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