Finding an Officiant.



Your wedding officiant plays such a dynamic role in your ceremony; I mean come on, this is the person marrying you to the love of your life!

So, we have asked Pete Olver, the Regional Director at Kettle Creek Weddings, Sarnia, a few questions about their process as wedding officiants!

How do you choose an officiant for the Bride + Groom?

"As Regional Director, I assign an officiant based on availability and proximity to the venue. After the couple meets with the officiant, if a connection is not felt, the couple have the option of meeting with a second officiant. Rarely does this happen."

How far in advance does the Bride + Groom need to book?

"We suggest that you book our services a year in advance."

How often do you like to connect before the wedding?

"We meet twice, face-to-face and email or call/text as often as needed."

How can a Bride + Groom customize their ceremony with you?

"Everything they want to say or do is their choice. We also have a password protected website they can use with hundreds of suggestions for all parts of the ceremony."

How much am I investing as a Bride + Groom?

"Kettle Creek Weddings charges a flat fee.  This way there are no hidden charges and couples can budget appropriately" [rather than based on travel, customizations, or length of ceremony.]

How do you help the Bride + Groom pre-wedding?

"We are there to assist them in absolutely any area they need assistance.  We want the ceremony to reflect the couple and be personalized to them."

How do you help the Bride + Groom post-wedding?

"Following the ceremony, we file their licence with the Ontario government. We are available to answer any questions they may have concerning ordering a marriage certificate, name change or legal documents change of name."

When searching for a wedding officiant it might be important to you to find someone who has wedding experience, that way they can lead you in the right direction but also allow room for you to add your own style and uniqueness to the ceremony. Talk with them about what their attire for the day should be, whether they allow photography during the ceremony, whether you want to sign your marriage license during the ceremony or after, etc.

Pete and his staff over at Kettle Creek Weddings have hundreds of weddings under their belt and they are completely open to making each wedding a unique/individualized experience for the bride and groom!

If you are still on the hunt for your wedding officiant click here to visit Kettle Creek Weddings Sarnia.

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