December Real Bride | Brianne Waeijen

Hello December!! This month we are welcoming Brianne Waeijen and her hubby Ambrose as our featured Once Upon A Time Weddings Real Bride! These two have the sweetest connection and just wait until you hear Brianne tell their proposal story below; we are loving her genuine voice!


How did the two of you meet?

"We went to high school together and Ambrose was friends with a few friends of mine (and even dated one haha) but I didn't really know him until grade 12 when we became friends - he had to ask me out a couple times before I said yes."

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

"Ambrose and I just seem to click - we have our own language of grunts and mumbles where the other person knows exactly what the other is thinking but no one else can follow our communications."

How did your fiancé propose?

"I got to Ambroses house one Saturday morning and was texting him that I had arrived when his best friend knocked on my SUV window and nearly gave me a heart attack - he then proceeded to tell me that I was coming with him - he dropped me off at our local conservation area with a map in my hand and then left! I was terrified and followed the map to where I was supposed to find my first clue - and I could not find it and sat down and started to cry. I eventually composed myself and moved on to find 3 other clues before returning to the first one - I then unlocked a box with another map to where he was located - by this time my flip flops are broken and I'm super upset as I start my trek across town (well thats what it felt like anyways) - when I evetually find him he proceeds to propose while I throw my collection of stuff at him and say yes."

Join us next week to hear all about how Brianne said yes to the dress!

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Photography: Creative Inspirations Photography