Pinterest Wedding Planning Tips.

So we can't deny how aaaaamazing Pinterest is and how great of a tool it is for wedding planning BUT it can quickly become very overwhelming when you've become a bride! We've put together some tips to remember when using Pinterest for planning your wedding.

1. Create a "mood board." This board will help you keep your overall theme in check when pinning: do the table cloths and centre pieces fit your overall theme? Do these decorations match the feel I'm going for? 

2. Set realistic expectations. If you have a tight budget remember that when looking through Pinterest pictures, those wedding pictures you're finding might have been from a budget 4X yours. So many things these days can be done DIY, so use that to your advantage!

Collect wine bottles from family + friends and spray paint them, super affordable and chic!

Collect wine bottles from family + friends and spray paint them, super affordable and chic!

3. Use secret boards. If you have ideas that you are actually using do you want your guests to see the original and then your version? Or maybe you've pinned your dress, do you want your guests to see it before you walk down the isle? Maybe just add your bridesmaids as contributors so there's an extra set of eyes + ideas!

4. Search for tips and tricks. Don't just use Pinterest for 'inspo', actually click on the links and use the resources that are available for DIY'ing, tips on how much ice you'll need for the bar, what props to stock your photo booth with, and so on.

5. Grab your baseline ideas and stop searching! We suggest printing off the main + most important ideas that you want, start a binder with those ideas, and then stop searching Pinterest! We say this because, things can get so confusing so quickly! Once you know what you want/love, piece together the rest with your unique + personal touch; it is your wedding after all! :)

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