Q+A with Shannon Constantine Photography

Wedding photography is one of the things you get to keep well after your wedding day, one of the things you might cherish the most after that day. This month we've interviewed Shannon Constantine from Shannon Constantine Photography; she's answered a ton of questions that we think brides should be asking when searching for a photographer to fit their day.

How far in advance does the Bride + Groom need to book?

"Some dates book up close to 15 months ahead and some are still available 6 months prior. To ensure your date is available, I suggest booking at least 12 months prior to your wedding date."

What kinds of wedding day packages do you offer?

"Everyone's wedding day is different, instead of offering fixed packages to choose from I offer an entirely customizable package that couples can build up however they please. It provides couples the ability to have their wedding day captured perfectly."

What sets your photography apart from others in this area?

"My work has a rich, vibrant, and rustic feel to it. Due to this, I would say it comes across as elegant, natural and beautiful. I am extremely passionate about what I do and my work reflects that. I also bring that passion into the time spent on post production of the pictures, this way I ensure the final product the couple receives is of the highest care and quality. It would be a mix of all of these things that I feel sets my photography apart from others in this area."

How often do you like to connect before the wedding?

"It depends on the couple, but many are very busy when planning. I like to connect at least twice in person, and a few more times through email that way we can ensure we have all of their wedding details confirmed. I also prefer having an engagement photography session that way we can become comfortable with posing, placement and ideas. This way, come wedding day we already know each other's style and have worked together before."

How can a Bride + Groom customize their wedding package with you?

"The way my packages work is there is a starting package of the wedding day essentials and then you can customize it from there to add morning of coverage, any reception coverage, an engagement shoot or albums. This allows couples to create a package specifically tailored specifically to their wedding day. My packages are also all based on coverage and not by the hourly rate. I'm always willing to travel and up for an adventure if a couple is looking for a destination or wedding outside of Southwestern Ontario."

How much experience do you have with shooting weddings?

"After graduating from the photography program at Fanshawe College I started working for a wedding photography company in London. I worked alongside two great photographers in the company, Ewan Phelan (Formerly The Last Forty Percent Photography) and with their prior secondary photographer Yaira Estrada (Now owner of Yai Photography). I assisted weddings for three years and I was their main editor for all of the weddings as well. I learned a lot from both of these wonderful photographers and after The Last Forty Percent switched their business away from weddings several years ago I started my own wedding photography business Shannon Constantine Photography."

How do you help the Bride + Groom pre-wedding?

"There are several ways to help a couple pre-wedding. After our initial meetings, booking etc I usually finds out if the couple is looking for other wedding details to plan (florist, dress, invitations, decorator etc).  I have a list of vendors that I highly recommend. Also, I'm always willing to scout out and recommend locations for photos as well as on what the couple is looking for, engagement or for their wedding day. A few weeks before the wedding when we meet I also assist in creating a timeline for their wedding date including travel times, the locations we will be travelling to.   We determine how long we will be at each location and what photo coverage we will be capturing. This allows us to stay on the same page on your wedding day to ensure everything is right on track. We will also go over a list of family photos to capture that way I can check them off the day of the wedding and confirm I have captured them all. As well, the list will include any special details or requested photos from the bride and groom."

How do you help the Bride + Groom post-wedding?

"After capturing their wedding I know couples are always eager to see their photos, I always try to send or post sneak peeks for them to see the next day. I also start my editing process right away to ensure an efficient return of the finished product to couples as well. Depending on the month, the final product is usually returned around the two week mark. If the couple has added any albums to their package we can then go over the customizable album options they would like and the photos they would like in the albums."

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

"I absolutely love my job and being trusted to capture a couples wedding day is always a pleasure. I always want to make your wedding planning process and wedding day perfect as possible. From our initial meeting and booking process to the editing process afterwards. I always cannot wait to drop off the final product for couples to see!"

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