May Real Bride | Jordan

May is here, and it brings a new Once Upon A Time Weddings Real Bride with it! Jordan Annett and Daniel Lane have such a darling love story and we can't wait for you to read it throughout the month! Today, we are sharing their 'pre-wedding' love story.

How did the two of you meet?

"We met through a mutual friend and started dating two months after meeting each other."

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

"We've been together 12 years now, 11 at the time Dan proposed. He's always been the one.. There was never a defining moment that I can recall, just lots of little moments that reminded me he is the one."

How did your fiancé propose? (from the brides point of view).

"Dan proposed after we opened Christmas gifts December 2015, he asked me to accompany him for the rest of his life! 💕"

How did you propose? (from the grooms point of view).

"Dan says he wishes he would've done something more than ask me, sitting on our couch. (I wouldn't have changed a thing, after so long together all that mattered was that he asked!)"

Tune in next week to hear how Jordan said yes to the dress!

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