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For some couples, seating charts have become a thing of the past and more casual, long family style tables have made their way into weddings. But there are a still lot of traditional brides out there and we love getting to meet a variety of both! If you are planning on making a seating chart for your reception we have put together a few tips that will hopefully take away some of that unwanted stress that inevitably comes with wedding planning!

Picture via Pinterest 

Picture via Pinterest 

  • First off, don't even put a thought into your seating chart until you have your final RSVP's. We say this because, there is no reason to stress about where people are going to sit if they don't even end up coming! 
  • Make a few different lists. For example, Bride's Childhood Friends, Mutual Friends, Bride's Family, Groom's Family, Groom's College Friends...this makes it easier to keep people together that know each other.
  • Literally, map your tables out. Especially if you're a visual person. This will make the process much quicker than just imagining where people will be placed and trying to switch them around in your head when you make a change. Whether you use sticky notes on a poster board or laminate a piece of paper and use dry erase markers, actually having this tangible will be so helpful!
Picture via:   Something Turquoise

Picture via: Something Turquoise

  • Get your groom in on the action. We think it's easiest when you both sit down and do this together. Your groom has lots of insight on his family and friends that you might not know, so having him there to help delegate is a must!

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