3 Ways To Get Organized & Avoid Stress


At the end of June we had a ton going on.  Not only was it the end of the school year, we had bought a house and were closing the beginning of July.  To make things more fun, we were leaving the day after school finished for a week long camping trip with my husband’s extended family.  Which meant we would be coming home from camping on a Friday & we'd get the house keys on the next Monday.  I knew it was going to be busy.  Which means it had the potential to be extremely stressful.  

Our New House!

Our New House!


So I put some things in place to help reduce stress.


I’m going to share these three things with you, because I know that as a bride planning her wedding day {or mom or friend helping a bride plan her day}, there’s bound to be some times when you feel overwhelmed and stressed with all the things that need to be done.  Wedding planning always has the potential to become stressful because there are a lot of decisions to be made, details to be planned and sometimes in a short amount of time!


1.     Get regular exercise.  One of the first things that tend to go when we get busy is our physical activity.  But exercise is an amazing way to reduce stress, clear our heads and help us to focus better.  When I’m starting to feel overwhelmed or stressed, going for a walk always helps.  I’ll listen to a book on audible or crank on some tunes.  Sometimes even just having a change in scenery helps with decision making.  I like to walk in the mornings before the craziness of the day begins. 


2.     Use to do lists.  I use a daily to do checklist.  But I also created lists for groceries we needed to buy for our camping trip, things that needed to be done before we left, and things we needed to pack to move and pack to camp.  I highlight off each item as it gets done and work my way through those lists.  I'm a pen and paper kind of organizer so I like to make lists and highlight them off.  But you could also create a to do list on your phone and use that to keep you on task as well.  And now I've got crazy lists of things to do, to buy, to hire out, to decide before we move the store in the middle of August :)  It's the only way to get everything done and keep moving forward!

3.     Just start.  Sometimes when we’re overwhelmed or we feel like we have too many things to do, we waste a lot of time thinking about everything or worrying about how we’re going to get it all done.  That’s where our procrastinate comes from.  But honestly sometimes it’s better to write it all out on our lists and then just start.  Do an easy task first so you can feel that satisfaction of highlighting it off and then keep going.  A quote I have hanging in my office is "done is better than perfect".  Sometimes we get so caught up in getting something perfect that it takes us a lot longer than we need to.  Done would just be better.

What measures do you have in place to reduce stress as you plan your big day?  

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Be Beautiful!

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