Interview with We're Weddings

We are excited to share this new and exciting company based right here in Strathroy, We're Weddings! Throughout this chat with owners Mitchell Bennett and Derek Lamoureux you'll hear all about what service they offer to brides and grooms AND vendors! Their company is so unique, you don't wanna miss out on this!

What kind of service do you offer to brides and grooms?

"We help couples find wedding vendors that match their needs, match their budget, and are available on their wedding day."

What do you offer for the wedding vendors?

"For the vendors we bring them quality leads from brides in there area that are in the market for their services."

How did you come up with this idea?

"Derek and I (Mitchell) were discussing an idea I had regarding finding musicians gigs, from that Derek suggested that this system might be a better fit for the wedding industry and I agreed."
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How far in advance does the Bride + Groom need to book your services?

"We aim to get our brides their quotes in 3 days or less, that being said, the more time couples leave themselves the better."

How does your service work? Do the bride and groom get to pick from different bids?

"We collect all of the necessary information for a vendor to establish an educated quote based on the information we collect. We provide the couples with quotes that match their budget and date. From there they can take into consider the vendors individual style and past work and pick the vendor that is right for their special day."

Are the bride and groom stuck with the best offer if they don't prefer that vendor?

"The couple can pick whichever vendor they believe to be the perfect match."

How specific does the bride and groom get to be when making their offer? (Type of food they want, style of photography, etc.)

"Depending on the type of vendor some need more information then others. For instance a make up artist just needs a head count, were as as limo company needs the locations you'll be stoping at, how many people need to be transported, how long the limo has to be available for. Those are just a few examples, all categories are different."

How can a Bride + Groom customize their wedding package with you?

"The customization is in the hands of the vendors they select, we just help them find the right ones to match their customization."

How much am I investing as a Bride + Groom?

"Free for the couple (we collect money from the vendor)."
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Thanks for hanging out with us today! You can reach Mitchell on their website or by email:

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