September Real Bride | Jordan + Andy


Hello September! We are excited to announce our September Real Bride Jordan Freitas and her hubby Andy. You can just see the love these two share in their gorgeous engagement pictures, we hope you enjoy reading about their love story just as much as we did!

How did the two of you meet?

"On St Patty's Day at a friends party."

How did you know Andy was the one?

"As soon as he came in my life, he changed it for the better. It was like a switch went off "so this is what love is supposed to feel like". I knew I wanted to spend all of my days with him, good or bad. We share the same values, he makes me laugh, and loves all the parts of who I am, as I do for him."

How did Andy propose? (Brides point of view)

"(Backstory) When it got to that point in our relationship to start talking about the next step and living arrangements, I had told Andy that I've always wanted be married before moving in together. I liked that old-fashioned aspect. As time went on I realized it wasn't that important to me as long as we were together, whether we were engaged or just dating. We ended up finding a home together, and a thought of a ring had completely left my mind as we were saving up for the move into our first home. We hadn't even talked about it. So it came to an absolute surprise to me that as I opened the door into my house, there was a row of rose petals leading up the stairs and into our soon to be bedroom, with "Will U Marry Me" painted on the wall, and Andy down on one knee!"

Andy, how did you propose? (Grooms point of view)

"We had just bought a house and got the keys for the first day. Jordan was working so I picked up the keys and headed over to the house. We were gonna paint the walls of some rooms so I decided to write on the bedroom wall "Will you marry me?". She came home and I had put rose pedals in the entrance leading to the bedroom where I was waiting."

Next week we'll be chatting with Jordan on how she said yes to the dress!

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Photography: Haley Thuss