Bridesmaids 401 | Everything You Need to Know About Being A Maid.

From the moment you say yes to being a bridesmaid to the cleanup after the wedding, your job is to support and encourage the bride.  While we know that it's both an exciting and a stressful time for any bride, here's some ways you can help support her and eliminate drama.

Real Bride Michelle, Photograph by  Michelle A Photography

Real Bride Michelle, Photograph by Michelle A Photography

Be realistic.  If you're asked to stand up in a wedding and you can't afford it or don't have the time to be 100% there for your bride, be realistic about those expectations.  Talk openly and honestly with the bride about your concerns.  Don't wait until it's too late or too awkward.  There are plenty of other ways you can be involved in the wedding without being a maid.

Remember whose day it is.  The not-so-great thing about pinterest is that it's made everyone believe they are the ultimate wedding planning guru.  And while it's okay to offer suggestions and share pins with your bride-to-be, don't become too attached to your ideas.  If your vision doesn't align with the bride's, be okay with letting yours go.

Real Bride Erin. Photograph by  One-12 Photography

Real Bride Erin. Photograph by One-12 Photography

Be available.   We know that everyone has busy lives.  But agreeing to stand up in a wedding means showers, fittings, dress appointments, bachelor parties and so much more.  Do your best to be available for when the bride needs you.  Beyond just the big things, be available to help with seating charts, invitations, shopping trips, DIY projects and more!

Be a team player.  We've all been in a wedding, with that one bridesmaid.  Don't be that bridesmaid.  Help navigate the wedding planning by being there for your bride, getting along with her mother + fiance and smoothing things out with the other maids.

Schedule in down time with the bride.  Wedding planning is stressful and it can feel like it consumes your life as a bride.  Schedule in time with the bride that doesn't involve wedding planning.  Get your feet done together, grab a coffee, go to the movies, walk on the beach, anything to help get her mind off wedding planning for just a bit and help her feel like a person again.  

Real Bride Chelsea. Photograph by  Woodgate Photography.

Real Bride Chelsea. Photograph by Woodgate Photography.

Even if the bride doesn't ask for help, offer it anyway.  Not all brides feel comfortable letting others know they are overwhelmed and that they need help.  Try to foresee times when your bride might want some help but hasn't asked for it yet.  Offer to step in and help wherever she needs it and not just in the big things!  

Be kind.  There may be times throughout the wedding planning that your bride doesn't seem like herself.  Depending on how she handles stress, she may feel really overwhelmed at times.  Be kind.  Don't judge her or think less of her because she had a bridezilla moment or because she's struggling with a decision that seems easy to you.  Show her love, support and kindness.

Most importantly have fun!  The wedding planning process can be exciting and fun.  Be there for your bride but don't forget to enjoy the moments.  The wedding planning will be all over before you know it, so soak it in while it's here!

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