My Favourite + Least Favourite Part of Owning A Bridal Store!

My favourite thing about owning a bridal store.


Guys, I love my job, I really do. I love meeting new brides, listening to their excited moms, and seeing the anticipation on everyone’s faces as they wait for the big reveal. I love seeing the wedding day pictures and feeling the love radiate out of those photographs.


I get to work in an industry that celebrates love and relationships. 


My favourite thing about owning a bridal store I would say is giving brides confidence. Buying a wedding gown usually involves feeling all the feels.


The excitement.

The joy.

The fear.

The overwhelm about making a decision.

Then more excitement.


Often when trying wedding gowns, brides feel like they are getting married for real. Sometimes for the first time. And that can be feel equal parts exciting and scary.


So I love that I get to walk alongside brides through these mixture of emotions and help them navigate them. And in doing so, I get to watch her feel confident about her decision. 


It’s a delicate dance. 


And I’m so glad that I get the honour to be a part of the dance.


I get so energized from working with brides. From planning events for them. From creating new ideas for the store and seeing them come into life.


My least favourite part about owning a bridal store. 

This job is super hard. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Not because we don’t love what we do, but because there are so many things outside of our control at times.

We are so dependant on designers. Designers who don’t work face to face with brides. And so many things that we do are so old school. But we’re kind of stuck doing it, because it’s the way it is done.


I wish there was more communication between stores, designers and seamstresses so we could create a better process for our customers. It’s something that I am passionate about learning and developing. I want to know how to make each process and transaction as smooth as possible. Knowing what alterations are needed, what things to look for, and how to prepare our brides as best as possible for the entire transaction.


I have a million ideas, but only the same 24 hours in a day.


I love working with brides.

I love creating moments.


I just wish this industry would innovate to keep up with the changes in other industries.