How to Choose Your Maids Colours

Choosing your maids colours is a lot simpler than it used to be, in some ways. There used to be a lot of etiquette around which colours you did in Spring, in Summer, in Fall, etc. But not anymore. Brides today are choosing colours that they love regardless of the time of year. However, that does make it harder because it means that no colour is off limits for your imagination.

Here are some tips for choosing your girls dress colour

  • keep in mind what colours will look good on the girls you’ve asked to stand up with you

  • consider the style and colour of your wedding gown

  • consider the colours at your venue and the style of your venue

  • think about what colours you and your fiancé like

  • don’t be afraid to pick a colour that hasn’t been done too often

  • look through your pinterest boards and see what colours you have pinned the most

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to come try gowns on and see what colours you are liking on your girls. But remember, this opens it up to everyone giving you their opinion! Try and at least narrow it down to a few colours before you come to your appointment.

Brides often think that it’s easiest to just pick a colour and have their bridesmaids choose their own style. And sometimes that is a great thing for the maids to be able to do. And sometimes, that makes it harder to try and match everyone together. There are so many options when it comes to your bridesmaids. But at Once Upon A Time Weddings, we pride ourselves in developing a great bridesmaid process so that it's painless and smooth for both you and your girls. Here are some options to get your creative juices flowing!

All The Same Colour


Different Colours, Different Styles


Same Colour, Same Style


With over 65 colours to choose from, we’ll help you choose the perfect shade for your wedding day!

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