All About Changing Ownership of OUTW!

Today we made the following announcement! I wanted to share it on our blog as well as give you some details about the changing ownership.

It is with great excitement and some sadness that I announce that I have sold Once Upon A Time Weddings to Kaitlyn Lee.

Last year when I first met Kaitlyn, I knew instantly that she was going to be someone that would greatly impact Once Upon A Time Weddings. Her vibrant personality, constant smile and determination to create beautiful bridal experiences drew me to her.

She joined our team and the rest, as they say is history!

I, together with my husband Joel, have had an increasing desire to relocate our family to be closer to Joel’s family. We’ve envisioned slowing our lives down. Giving me more time to build my coaching and education business and for our growing family.

With this pregnancy, the time seemed right for us to seriously consider the move. But I knew I needed to find the exact right person to take over this business.

Someone who had the same passion and drive and love for brides as I do. I was so elated when Kaitlyn said she was interested. Because I know that she would take this business to the next level while still caring for Once Upon A Time Weddings brides in the same way as I have for the last nine years. Watch over the next few months for some exciting developments that she’s already been working on! I cannot wait to see her growth!

Kaitlyn will officially take the reins on Monday, August 19th.  You’ll still see me around up until that time.

Let’s dive a little more into who Kaitlyn is and what you can expect with her as the owner!

Who Kaitlyn is:

I am originally from Pickering and moved to London 2 years ago to see what the future had in store for my career & to finally stop living a long distance relationship with my boyfriend Marek. We bought our first house together last year and started planning out our future just as I started my new chapter at Once Upon a Time Weddings. I am a very outgoing, caring, bubbly & organized person and if you asked anyone who knows me they would say I like everything precisely planned and detail oriented! I love making people smile and feel good about themselves and that’s why I’ve always had a career in sales.  I have an Event Management background and have ran several events and have always had a passion for working in the wedding world. I strive on customer service and making every single person I interact with happy! 

What made her want to purchase Once Upon A Time Weddings:

Just over a year ago I started applying to jobs that were more in my field of study and came across Once Upon a Time Weddings, I remember thinking to myself how amazing that would be, so I applied and a week later I made my first trip out to the store to meet Erin and have my first interview. The moment I stepped into the store I knew I found my calling, and every day since then I have loved being apart of the OUTW team. I believe in everything Erin has built and stands for and the way she treats every single bride that walks into the store like we are one big happy family. Every day is a new adventure at Once Upon a Time Weddings, as we never know what say yes story we will be helping write that day but we do know that every single bride deserves a magical experience and that’s exactly what OUTW will always deliver!

When Erin brought up the idea of selling the business to me I was in shock, it was everything I’ve ever dreamed of right in front of me. I kept thinking this can’t be real! How can just over a year ago when I first walked into OUTW dreaming one day I would own something like it and now actually have the opportunity to call it mine! I remember calling my mom right after to tell her what just happened and us both just crying from pure joy that this is real. Till this day it still feels so surreal, and I am so grateful Erin saw my passion and drive and trusted me with her business she has built from the ground up. I will do everything to continue to grow Once Upon a Time Weddings as I have some very exciting things planned for the future!

What is Kaitlyn most excited for about owning Once Upon A Time Weddings:

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a dream of owning something of my own, I remember walking into Once Upon a Time Weddings and thinking wow this would be amazing if one day this could all be mine. Obviously back then that was just a dream, but now it’s becoming reality and I am so excited to see what the future holds! I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason and this is the exact reason I was led to OUTW.

I am excited to continue to always put our brides first and help create that magical experience every single person deserves on their wedding day!

I know this change of ownership may come as a shock to some of our customers. So I wanted to share a little bit about why now:

Joel and I are incredibly excited {and a bit nervous} to welcome our new baby girl in September. This will be our third child but our first baby. Over the last few years we’ve dreamed about moving to where Joel’s family is from. It’s a quaint little town that has a real family feel to it. We want to simplify our lives a bit and spend more time with our kids before they are grown.

So what’s next for Erin:

I’ve dabbled in some coaching and teaching over the last couple of years. Using what I’ve learned as I’ve grown my business to help other retail store owners and to teach at bridal conferences. I’m excited to have some time to continue to do that. To teach and grow my coaching business.

If you’re interested in following our journey, you can follow me on instagram @erinchristinebouchard.

This is obviously a very big decision, so how did Erin make it:

It may feel like it’s a quick decision or that it’s happening fast. But in reality we’ve been planning and preparing for a few months now. I first approached Kaitlyn in June. I had thought about asking her for a few weeks. I knew that I wanted someone who had the same passion, drive and love for the store as I do.

This has probably been one of the hardest decisions I’ve made because I truly love the store. I love working with brides and I love seeing visions come to life.

But I’m excited for the next chapter in my life and in my family’s life. And I completely trust to take the reigns and continue to build the business that has been my baby for the last nine years.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit more about the change of ownership. We invite you to come out to a store open house on Thursday, August 22nd from 6-8pm. Erin would love to thank you for your years of support. And it’s a chance to welcome Kaitlyn into her new role as owner! Tickets are free but we’d love for you to pre-register here so we know how much food + drinks to purchase.