What does balance look like for the Bouchard family?

The elusive balance.
It seems like everyone is constantly chasing it.
But no one really knows how to have it.

This last few months, I’ve learned a few things about balance.
About making my life more simple, dare I say more traditional.

And over the next few weeks I want to share a little bit more about my journey with you.

For a few reasons. I hope that it will enable you to get to know more about me. To have a better understanding of why I do some of the things at the store that I do.
But I also hope that it will start a conversation. An important one. About the world we live in and how fast paced it can get if we allow it. And how to stop from feeling burnt out.

To me, living a simple life means a few different things.

·      I try to be intentional about my time and my technology use.

·      I try to eliminate waste and be intentional about the things I buy.

·      I try to make what I can.

·      I try to be present with my kids when I am home with them.

·      I try to live my life from a present of gratitude instead of want.

And these are the things that I’d love to share with you.

Family ideas.
Décor ideas.

 I do not have this nailed down perfectly. And there are definitely times that I still struggle. But as I prepare to welcome my third child this month, I want to be more focused on family. More aware of how much waste we create and how much time is wasted.


I want to look back on my children’s childhoods and remember myself as being present, not perfect. Perfection is not something any of us can achieve. But presence is. Being present for their moments in life. Feeling grateful for the things we have. Creating stories and memories that they will share with their children. Those are the things my heart longs for.

 So leave me a comment and let me know what you’d most like for me to share. What are you struggling with when you think about balance?