Ramblings of a Bridal Store Owner


Ramblings of a bridal store owner


Oh weddings! How I love thee.  The excitement, the joy, the tears, the anticipation.  People will comment on how much fun our job is or say that it must be the best job ever.  We have a little saying around the boutique, it goes something like this, it ain’t all sunshine and roses.  Don’t get me wrong - it is a lot of fun, but it’s also a LOT of plain, old, getting down to it WORK!   Owning and running a bridal store has it’s moments where it’s stressful, tiring, and too much drama.  Don’t get me wrong I love my occupation and I love working with our brides and our other customers.  But it’s a lot more work than people would anticipate.

Our society has become wedding obsessed.  From the tens of thousands of pins that circulate, to the dozens of wedding reality shows, one begins to wonder how a bride even begins to wade through all the information she has to make decisions for her big day.

Erin Ready to Serve Brides From All Over Southwestern Ontario


Erin Bouchard, owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings is here to help.  This weekly blog will give you glimpses of what it’s like on the inside.  From the hilarious moments, to the know it all bridesmaids, to what it’s like for a mother to watch her baby girl get married, we’ve got all of it covered.  Be prepared to laugh, cry, and drink lots of wine.  In the midst of all those emotions, we’re here to help navigate the brides from I will to I do.  So wherever you are in the wedding planning, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks and find answers to those burning questions.

So join us here every Friday, for what is known in the wedding world as Briday.  In the meantime don’t forget to like us on Facebook for up to date events, store happenings and of course pics of gorgeous new arrivals.  If you have any topic suggestions or burning questions, fire them away to info@onceuponatimeweddings.ca.

I look forward to this journey with you!

Be Beautiful!

Erin Bouchard