A little too obsessed?

If ever I need to get a bridal fix, there's an array of coveted resources I typically turn too. I have my stack of bridal magazines which I love to flip through and create my own 'storyboards' with, an assortment of best selling books from the best in the industry, a workplace filled with gorgeous bridal fashion and accessories, and of course, my television! While personally not one to devote extended amounts of time to the tele, when I do sit down to relax and enjoy some light entertainment, wedding-based reality shows are my number one choice! No shock there… And really, how could one resist? Weddings are ultimately a time when couples' can completely express their unique personalities and share one big party with all those who love them! It's no doubt enjoyable to see the dresses, the vows, the aspects of the planning! I absolutely love it all and could never say no to anything called 'Bride Day'!  So I ask myself, 'am I the lone bridal-reality junkie, or are their others of my kind'? Do you too love to sit along while brides say 'yes to the dress' or enjoy watching just how a celebrity-style weddings come to life? Do you enjoy witnessing brides attend and judge other weddings, nasty comments and all? If you're not one for bridal scorecards perhaps bridal meltdowns is more your guilty pleasure? If you said yes to any of these questions…do you enjoy baked brie and pinot as well? Bffs?

Whatever you fancy, it can be fun, informative and down right ridiculous watching some of these shows!  Weddings have certainly taken on a whole new look in the past couple years, especially becoming so commonly televised. You can barely flip through the channels without at least one or two bridal shows being on at any given time. So brides-to be, would you ever broadcast your wedding? Do you think your groom would be comfortable with it? I'd love to hear what you all think about these shows. If you're already married, what do you think about this growing trend? Would you have featured your wedding on television? I love to watch, but I'm not sure I'd want to partake myself. Then again, it could be a great experience. Is filming some of life's most precious moments quality programming or quality selling-out? I look forward to hearing your opinions!  Ironically enough and the reason that this post wasn't put up until today is that we were waiting for this picture!  Our very own consultant, Lynda Wright had the opportunity to meet David Tutera in Chicago this week.  Lynda was there scoping out the latest & greatest in bridal fashions for Spring 2013.  Don't worry we'll get her scoop in a later blog post.  For now though, I leave you with this picture to entice you!

In the meantime, this week I'm getting together with local makeup artist Laura Peters for some expert beauty advice. I look forward to asking Laura her recommendations for bridal makeup and proper skincare, along with learning more about her growing business and her role in the wedding industry.  Email me at info@onceuponatimeweddings.ca if you have any questions for Laura, and feel free to stop by the store and say hello if you're in downtown Strathroy this week!

Yours in quality blogging,

Dana xo