DIY Save the Dates.

To DIY or not to DIY…that is the question. I don't know about you, but I can admit 'Pinterest' has given me a false idea of my crafting abilities. Yes, I am that pinner who believes if I can look at it, pin it and simply be in awe of it, surely once I get around to making it, it will be fabulous! The trouble is, while I have some DIY-ing skills, there are some things I see online and first think, 'how does one even think of this?!' followed quickly by 'how does one even make that from that?!'. We can surely all agree there are some insanely creative individuals out there and I can't help but be impressed at the skill level these modern crafters behold! One area you can really admire this is of course in Bat Mitzvah decor. Just kidding…you know me by now- this blog is all things weddings! So weddings, are of course, a crafters blank canvas essentially. When planning your big day, you are really putting together the biggest celebration with the most potential to make a personal statement. While it's not a performance, its a chance to express yourself, and incorporating touches you may have 'crafted' with your fiance adds a whole new level of personalization to your wedding. Albeit there are some projects better suited for us mere crafting mortals, while some demand the courage of a true DIY-er, even adding the simplest of 'made with love' touches can really enhance the individuality of your special day.

Now, while I do appreciate the skills of anyone nifty, we must remember the 'too much of a good thing' rule. Trust me, I certainly will be posting future articles featuring more DIY ideas,  but for the most part I think one self-made touch in a wedding is just enough. Remember when planning your wedding it's a process included in your already busy life- keep things simple for yourself! Also, focusing on one element allows you the time, energy and frankly patience to put your all into it! My top suggestion for a simple, cost effective (and chic) craft? Your Save the Date cards!

I wish more people sent homemade Save the Date cards! I also wish 'Save the Date' was a more appropriate acronym. I love the creative, sometimes a little bit silly first look into a couple's upcoming nuptials. It's one of the areas in the wedding that can be less serious and doesn't have to necessarily fit into a particular image. It allows you a little wiggle room even when planning the most formal of black tie events. On the other end of the spectrum, even with a casual feel to a wedding, there is still a sense of formality throughout-it's still a wedding after all! But these cards can be fun, lighthearted and the best way highlight this happy, wonderful time in your life. But wait…there's more! You have countless options when crafting your own cards. It's the first official signage of your wedding and it should be a fun, genuine image of you and your fiance! You can make this so perfectly personal in numerous ways! Here are some ideas I thought would be fun!

Destination: Your awesome wedding!

A great option to set the tone for an exciting destination wedding is with something to give your guests a peek of the location itself! Find postcards from the city or country in which your wedding is taking place and simply include the usual details and instantly (and cost effectively) you've just prepared a unique and most of all, fun Save the Date card. This will effortlessly have a customized, cohesive look and all for mere cents! Without being overly 'themed' it elegantly and uniquing spreads the exciting news! And to book that week off! And invite Dana…

Still life, real happiness:

If you're like me and have a fond appreciation for art and the finer things in life, then head to the mall and hit up a photo booth! If you have $4, you have 3 mins to Vogue-it-up! The best part? With the strip of photos, you and your fiance can really do whatever you like! You can have a little signs (from top to bottom) starting with 'I asked her…' to lastly, the date that is to be saved. You could also pose in silent film-like expressions and have a vintage look. Whatever fits you and your fiance's interests. Just plan it out- 3 mins goes by fast! I remember piling into these booths with all my friends when we were young and the feeling of nostalgia when I see these classic photo strips always makes me smile. Once you have the pics, simply take them to your hometown Staples (any office store) and have prints sized and copied accordingly. If you make sure all the deets are included in your four pictures, you need not worry about adding in text-or another possible cost.

Just for a laugh:

If you have an eye for design, or find yourself able work it on computers, why not create an Age Dispatch worthy 'real life' comic strip? You could use photos taken in a fun, cartoon-inspired style depicting your engagement story . Big eyes, big smiles and exaggerated expressions are most of the required materials. That said, programs like photoshop give you the ability to really do it all from home and with ease. So that may be helpful too. If you take photos, whether or not you have 'Instagram', most cameras and smart phones have the ability to create some kind of effect. Keep in mind the endless styles available on most of these programs and take your time and play around until it really fits your images. Once arranged accordingly, include word and thought bubbles to express whatever you like. Make sure it's unique to you, but also keep in mind keeping you details short and sweet as to not clutter or lose the overall look. Just as you can with any printable card, you can do this from home often too and without a lot of time or money spent. You can easily size and print the pictures (think panoramic picture size) at most department stores, too. Just remember- have the right tools for the job…the best DIY doesn't look DIY!

Winter Delights:

If you're getting married in the cooler winter months, embrace the feeling of family and friends coming together, the glistening snow covered-trees and the fresh chill in the air. It's a cozy, romantic time to have a wedding but it sure is chilly here in Canada! Why not include a packet of hot chocolate with your Save the Date cards, one for each guest invited. It's a kind, thoughtful touch but it also lends to the time of year that you will be wed. If you're sending your cards months before any thoughts of cold weather, simply include a cute message like: 'While you're saving the date, be sure save this hot cocoa for a chilly day!'  Whatever you include, be sure to play up the warm, heartfelt vibe these cards will surely present your guest. If you're sending warm drinks with kind intentions, make sure you exhibit the same attention to detail throughout the wedding, too!

What do you guys think of these? Any pros out there please feel free to add your crafting insight. I think the creative possibility of these cards is endless and you can really take on as much or as little of a challenge as you'd like- all with beautiful results. I'd love to hear some of your ideas for Save the Date cards! Like I said, they are a fun way to add an element to your wedding day that you and your fiance actually created yourselves. It's a great way to hang out with your Mr or Mrs-to be and get a little creative…in the craft nook, of course! So, as always, feel free to send me your comments, questions or ideas!

Finally, to DIY or not to DIY? DIY of course… in moderation!


Dana xo