Girls Night In!

What's the secret to successful wedding planning? Knowing when to take a breath and enjoy! A great way to do an emotional 'reboot' is with a  girls night! This week I wanted to share some of my favourite ideas for hosting any size group, with various interests and modest budgets. I don't believe you need to 'invest' in a night with friends, so you will notice all my tips are budget-friendly. No matter the size of your bridal party, sometimes women are meeting for the first time during the planning so you should definitely take advantage of this! Your bridal party is a great way to bring the women in your life together, so enjoy this special time with those you love.  Below I listed some girls night ideas you can host with ease from the hottest venue in town…your home!


The Modern Potluck

A potluck of any kind is always a great option to minimize hosting expenses, however, a girls night potluck is downright fun! Pick a theme, and have all your girlfriends bring something that fits in. Make it personal and just go for it! I'm a real girly girl sometimes, so I would think a 'Sex and the City' theme would be fun. Cosmos, New York influenced cuisine, wearing a cute outfit just because! Hmm…I think I'm gonna do this soon! Along with a unique theme, making food for others, in my opinion, is something done with love and if you have a larger bridal party it's a great way to help everyone open up and it starts conversation! A couple weeks ago, a dear friend threw a 'Eat, Pray, Love' themed fall potluck. Most of us had been close for years, but some of us were still getting to know one another. Talking about the delicious food and asking, 'what did you bring?' makes for such natural conversation and a potluck is an ideal way to have an intimate-feeling get together, while still providing a comfortable setting for new faces. Prepare for Facebook friend requests asking for your recipes!

Ideal for: Any size group!

 'Ode to Pinterest'

Okay, so we all seem to love spending time on pinterest nowadays. Whether we pin 24/7 or just enjoy a scroll through on our lunch hour, it's a great tool to inspire us to try new things! So why not, right? I think a pinterest-inspired girls night would be really creative! To have this work, you need a bit of direction of course. Let's say you were going for a spa theme. I'd suggest as the host looking through some of the hand and body scrubs, mani/pedi techniques, anything beauty-related and pick 3 or 4 pins you'd like to try. Make sure your guests know what kind of get together  you're hosting so they can come prepared. Have your girlfriends all bring one or two mason jars, comfy clothes and maybe a nail polish or two. Once they arrive, how cute would it be to actually try some of your fav pins together! I often look to my kitchen for my homemade scrubs and more often than not, I don't even need to visit the store. A girls night like this, with proper organization, is not a daunting task, trust me! Plus, once your homemade scrubs or masks are jarred, you have instant guest favours! Add a ribbon and cute label and you're so the host with the most, girlfriend!

Ideal for: A smaller group, and certainly no men allowed!


Party with a Purpose!

 Do you ever notice how many woman say their 'goodwill pile' is ever growing or they seem to always have a selection of clothes they never wear? We all do it and to be honest, just from my girlfriends alone, I could clothe Strathroy for years!  Okay…from just myself alone. That being said, there are so many families in our community that could benefit immensely from our gently-worn treads and since anyone can benefit from a night with girlfriends, I'm sure you can see what I'm getting at! Grab a couple bottles of wine and some light finger foods and throw a 'Swap Party!' Basically, everyone brings clothing, shoes, accessories they no longer wear (but all in good condition!) and between the other guests, you can simply 'swap' for new items. You may or may not find one or two new gems, and it's what is left that can be donated on behalf of your bridal party to a local women's shelter. This is a great way to finally get that box of old treasures out of the house and more importantly, while you sip and nibble amongst friends, you can think of the woman in our community you are helping, too. Cheers to that!

Ideal for: A big or small group! The more you can donate the better!

I love hosting and having guests in my home, it's a true pleasure. I will definitely be continuing to post more party ideas so be sure to look out for those and keep letting me know what you think! What's your favourite way to enjoy a night with friends and families?

Dana xo