Backyard Wedding

Simple Decor Goes A Long Way

One question we get a lot is "how do we stay within budget while still having the wedding of our dreams?" The million dollar question right! This is where Pinterest gets sticky, it's a great resource but can make your expectations a bit out of your realistic budget. Well, that's where Pinterest is also winning - their DIY ideas are on point when it comes to wedding decorations! We've pulled some easy ways to make your decor go a long way while saving a lot of money.

1. Collecting everyday items and dressing them up. Wine bottles, mason jars, cans, driftwood, etc. Spray painting, adding glitter, etc. to these items makes them brand new and you can fit them exactly to your theme! Don't be afraid to ask around, people are throwing these things away everyday!


2. Make your own signs. Chances are you or someone you know has great handwriting so making your own signs is a great way to save on cost and gives your wedding a sense of uniquness. 


3. Don't discount the dollar store! You can find some serious wedding decor treasures in there. Go in with an open mind and use your imagination! From frames, to candles, to vases, to rocks/pebbles; there is lots of room to go decor crazy in there!


4. Nature is your friend! Now, this one depends on what season you are getting married in, but chances are you picked that season because you like it! Sticks, wildflowers, rocks, etc. You can use these naturally or dress them up with paint/spray paint/glitter.


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One Last Backyard Wedding | Summer Blog Sendoff

With summer coming to an end we thought it'd be fun to put together one last backyard summer wedding! We can't deny how much we love outdoor weddings and all the uniqueness they can bring - from barns, to fields, to tents, and all the fun summer details in between.  But we sure are excited to see our fall brides in their dresses on their day! So here's one last little hurrah to summer!

1. Unique lighting. As opposed to an indoor wedding, you might have to get a bit more creative outdoors once the sunsets, and I'm pretty sure the twinkle lights have us all swooning.


2. Personal touches. Of course these touches are at every wedding, but there's something extra cute about the outdoor summer ones!

We won't be missing the bugs comes fall!

We won't be missing the bugs comes fall!


3. All the DIY. We find there's a lot more room for DIY with outdoor weddings because there's less provided by the venue, and we love how it brings uniqueness to the day.


4. Non-traditional photo booths. Backdrops for every style bride!


5. Backyard summer cookout style catering. Need we say more?


As summer begins to come to an end we wanted to say that all of our summer brides this year have knocked us off our feet! If you want to be featured on our blog or on our social media please don't hesitate to send us your photos, we'd love to hear from you!

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