January Real Bride | Laura and Koree Keates

Hello new year and a new monthly Once Upon A Time Weddings Real Bride! Today we are welcoming Laura and her hubby Koree Keates to the blog! We are loving their unique love story and super fun wedding details that we can't wait to share throughout the month! For now, we hope you enjoy reading a little bit about their love story!


How did the two of you meet?

"I threw a house party and booked a band to play, he was the drummer."

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

"I just knew from the start I didnt want to be without him."

How did your fiancé propose?

"We went for coffee in the park and when we were walking around the ponds he got down on one knee while my back was turned."

Join us next week as we chat about how Laura said yes to the dress here at OUTW!

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Photographer: Raspberry Mint Photography

Spotlight On A Wedding Vendor {Soul Photography}

One of the greatest things about owning a bridal store is the opportunity to meet other local wedding vendors. Over the next few months Once Upon A Time Weddings will be highlighting some of these professionals in our Spotlight On A Wedding Vendor blog posts.

Our first Spotlight On A Wedding Vendor will feature Wendy Hord of Soul Photography. Soul Photography is based out of Lucan, ON and offers Boudoir, Engagement and Wedding Day photography to brides all over Southwestern Ontario. I have had the privilege of working with Wendy on a couple of photo shoots and adore her eye for detail, her artistic and fun loving personality and the beautiful moments she captures. Wendy is very passionate about weddings and that is definitely portrayed when you work with her and view her images.

According to Wendy of Soul Photography, the best part of being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to constantly create and capture images, people and their special events, in new ways and in different locations on a continual basis. “It’s like being an author and an illustrator of my couples love stories“, says Wendy. I asked her if she could give our brides a couple of mistakes to avoid when looking at & booking wedding photography for your big day. Here’s what she had to say…


This is certainly not a step to skip. Along with availability, a great package and talent your photographer needs to be a good fit for you both as a couple. Personality, professionalism and enthusiasm are a must, as your photographer is the one professional that will be working closely with you for the entire Wedding Day.

2/ FAILING TO PAY DEPOSIT TO SECURE DATE: This sounds bizarre but I see this happening on a weekly basis on social media where brides are frantically searching for a new photographer 2 weeks before the big day. I cant even image how much stress this would bring on!! I have a hunch this happens to brides once the photographer says that they are available and that they would love to work together etc…in the brides minds its like “Phew!” that’s done, marks it in her calendar,…but then fails to connect and firm things up with the photographer (ie deposit and signed contract which makes the date booked).

3/ NOT STICKING TO A TIMELINE: Like I said, my clients are amazing with timelines…likely because at our first initial consult I talk about this and impress how important a timeline is and how it really dictates how smooth, efficient, and fun it can make your Wedding Day…(and we even add in little buffer times) so if the groom splits his pants or your bridesmaid forgets the brides purse…its all good we will have a few minutes to run back) Bottom line is create one with your photographer right off the start…even Wedding Planners recommend, and strongly encourage this as their talent and services ride strongly on a good timeline and details as well.

4/ FAILING TO DELEGATE TASKS: This can happen to any couple even an assertive bride or groom, because planning a Wedding can at times be such information/task overload it gets over looked when the bride and groom are running out of steam for planning. Thanks to my first ever Wedding, my Bride Jacqui gave me the pleasure of working with and shooting “the perfect” Wedding in every way and it all came down to organization and delegating and a positive attitude. I talk about this with my couples at initial consult and also add a reminder in our meeting a couple of weeks before the big day. So brides…Do ask and kindly delegate tasks/errands/responsibilities to your Wedding Party, friends or family that you know you can rely on. Even simple things can make all the difference (bringing balloons to the photo location, moving the cooler to the limo, making sure your luggage gets into the vehicle you will be taking to the hotel that night etc). This works to free up the couples minds on the big day and lets them just enjoy their celebration, and even take a moment to relax, laugh and converse with each other without having a mind cluttered with virtual sticky notes!

One of the best parts of Soul Photography’s services is that Wendy provides a primary (all inclusive type) Wedding Photo package which includes your engagement session...and UNLIMITED hours of coverage, and UNLIMITED images on your big day, plus all images on USB & on-line digital album for viewing, sharing and downloading (both web and print sized files included). This ensures that she will capture all the great moments and candid shots as well.

For more information or to book Soul Photography, you can reach Wendy in the following ways..

wendy logo.png

Phone: 519-318-8010



Facebook: Soul Photography (look for the lime green circle)