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February Real Bride | The Stasiuk Wedding

Our February Real Bride series comes to an end today and we can't believe it! Celine and Nate Stasiuk got married on September 9th, 2017 at Forest Legion and we are excited to show you all some of their favourite memories from that day including a peak at Celine's bridesmaid's dresses that were also found here at Once Upon A Time Weddings! Thanks for sharing your day with us Celine and Nate!


What's your favourite memory from your wedding day?

Celine (Bride) | "Seeing the emotion in Nates eyes when I finally got up to him, it looked like he was about to burst into tears and while reading his vows, he got chocked up and lost it."
Nate (Groom) | "When she was walking down the aisle with her dad, she looked like a princess."
Gown and Blush Maids dresses from Once Upon A Time Weddings.

Gown and Blush Maids dresses from Once Upon A Time Weddings.

Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"Lynette, our photographer from Lolaz Snaps. Jennifer, from Vintage Grace Handmade accessories. Anna, from Devorah Beauty. Our driver Bob, from Dorchester Limousine."

Any other unique details or stories about your wedding/love story you want to tell us?

"When we met at the party 11 years ago, I was instantly attracted to him like it was love at first sight. Me and a friend got into his car to go up to the store, and when he looked at me, he immediately smiled and blushed away all coy like. That is why I started off my vows with, "When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." In his vows, he also referred to love at first sight upon meeting me, and how he knew I was something special."

One of our favourite things about Celine + Nate's wedding was all the DIY touches.  Her attention to all the little details shined through on her wedding day and we adore it.

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Photography: Lolaz Snaps Photography

January Real Bride | Keates' Wedding

We have loved taking a look into Laura and Koree's wedding story over the past couple of weeks and we are excited to share with you all, their wedding day! These two were glowing throughout their whole day and we are so thankful we got to play a small part in their day! We hope you enjoy taking a peek into their wedding day as much as we did!


Where did you get married/have your reception?

"Masonic Center of Elgin."

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day? (Bride + Groom can answer)

"The look on Koree's face when he saw me."

Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"DCF Weddings - for our reception music."

Any other unique details or stories about your wedding/love story you want to tell us?

"My bridal party and I took a limo to McDonalds and got Happy Meals for lunch."

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Photographer: Ash Ruckle Photography

Wedding Dictionary

We asked what brides wanted to read about on our blog and today we are exploring one of those topics! Here's what a past bride said would have helped her when planning their wedding:

"Think a breakdown of wedding words (i.e. host bar vs cash bar vs open bar) that you find in venue contracts and such would have been a big help! Our venue contract was really easy and transparent, but I struggled a lot when looking at some other spots and reading through all the jargon! Would be helpful to have had a spot that cleared it up easily." 

So here we go: a 'Wedding Dictionary'!

-Black Tie Optional: Tuxedos and formalwear are suggested for the guests, but not required.

-Cocktail Attire: A dress code that is less formal - calls for suits and cocktail dresses.

-Cosplay: Short for 'Costume Play' - can refer to period dress or theme dress as in paying homage to favorite movie/television/game/comic characters.

-Blusher: A short veil that covers the bride's face, aka. "shoulder length veil".


-Bridaller: Another word for a guest of a wedding.

-Bustle: The gathering up of extra fabric or a the train of your gown with buttons or ties to keep the hem of your gown from dragging on the floor.


-Cash Bar: When guests buy the drinks rather than them being 'free'/paid for by the host of the wedding at the reception.

-Garter: narrow bands of fabric fastened about the leg that the groom traditionally takes off the bride during the wedding and throws it to the single men, just like the bouquet toss. 

-Host Bar: Where the host of the wedding issues vouchers to attendees for a limited number of free drinks, and attendees pay for any further drinks themselves.

-Open Bar: The host pays for all the drinks the entire night of the wedding, no limit per guest.

-Day of Planner: A wedding coordinator who works with you primarily on the day of the wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly (as opposed to a full-service planner who works with you throughout all of the months leading up to the wedding).

-Escort Cards: Cards that display the guest's name and indicate the table they have been assigned for the reception. Below left is a table of escort cards. 


-Processional: The part of the ceremony in which the wedding party and bride walk down the aisle. This can also refer to the music that plays during this time.

-Recessional: The part of the wedding in which the newly married couple, followed by the wedding party, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony.

-Save The Date (STD): A "pre-invite" sent out ASAP to tell guests when the wedding will be.

-Tablescape: The arrangement of the place settings, centerpieces, table numbers, and other decorations on the reception tables.


-Trousseau: The clothes, linens, and other items that a bride saves for her wedding and new married life. Often includes pretty lingerie.

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January Real Bride | Laura and Koree Keates

Hello new year and a new monthly Once Upon A Time Weddings Real Bride! Today we are welcoming Laura and her hubby Koree Keates to the blog! We are loving their unique love story and super fun wedding details that we can't wait to share throughout the month! For now, we hope you enjoy reading a little bit about their love story!


How did the two of you meet?

"I threw a house party and booked a band to play, he was the drummer."

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

"I just knew from the start I didnt want to be without him."

How did your fiancé propose?

"We went for coffee in the park and when we were walking around the ponds he got down on one knee while my back was turned."

Join us next week as we chat about how Laura said yes to the dress here at OUTW!

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Photographer: Raspberry Mint Photography

October Real Bride | Jordan and Ryan's Wedding

We have loved featuring Jordan and her hubby Ryan this month on the blog and today our final instalment is here: their wedding day! Jordan looked absolutely stunning in her gown and it fit so perfectly into their day! We hope you enjoy scrolling through this post as much as we do! 


Where did you get married/have your reception?

"We got married at the Church of the Epiphany, downtown Woodstock and then had our reception at Rosehill Farm just outside of Woodstock."

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day?

Jordan (Bride) | "My favourite moment was arriving at the church just before the ceremony. It was a bit chaotic because we brought our dog, who practically dragged the flower girls down the aisle. But it was surreal being full of butterflies and with my closest friends and of course my dad, just before making the biggest promise of my life."
Ryan (Groom) | "My favourite moment was when we did out first look. After months of me telling her I did not want to do it since in tradition it was bad luck I caved... I was all set-up to face a certain way with the photographers so I could not see her and they were able to capture her walking behind me. When I turned around and saw her I almost fell over because of how beautiful she was. I tried to hold back the tears as best I could as she was stunning, as corny as this sounds she was like an angel. This was our only sole moment together with just her and I. We were able to talk and gain our nerves for the day."

Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"I loved working with our photographer (Dudek Photography). He does an amazing job and I couldn't wait to see how he captured every moment from our day and turned it into a work of art." 

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We love her mismatched maids gowns as well, would you do that for your girls?

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Photographer: Dudek Photography

Bridal Shower Etiquette

Today, we are talking bridal showers! This was one of the topics that you all gave us on our Facebook page, so we hope it answers some of your questions! Throughout this post we are attempting to answer some of the top questions we find when planning a traditional bridal shower!


Who hosts the bridal shower? Traditionally speaking, the Maid of Honour takes the lead and can ask the bridesmaids to cohost! It is not uncommon for a relative of the bride to also throw a shower.

When and where should the shower be held? The shower is usually held about three months before the wedding but there is definitely wiggle room here. We'd say just don't have the shower within a month of the wedding because the bride will be thinking of all her final details and may not enjoy the day as much she would have ahead of time. It's also fun to spoil the bride well before her big day! 


Who should be invited? This is completely up to the bride! She should give the host a list of guests and the host should definitely follow that list. The actual making of the list gets sticky - the age old debate still continues - should you only invite friends/family that are also invited to the wedding? We think this is a personal preference and depends on where your wedding will be held. If it's a destination wedding or a small family ceremony, maybe it isn't such a bad idea to invite others to the shower that won't be invited to the wedding. In the end, it's up to the bride.

Who pays for the bridal shower? This one is tricky! Traditionally speaking, the host does take on monetary responsibility, however, it is definitely acceptable to ask the bridesmaids to cohost and in that case it can be split.

What is traditionally given as a bridal shower gift? The bridal shower is for the bride, so we say gifts for the bride, including lingerie, cooking/home decor goods, or items for the honeymoon but gifts from her registry are always acceptable too! And, group gifts are popular especially if bridesmaids/family members are attending more than one shower. 


We'd love to hear what else you'd like to see on the blog in the future, leave us a comment and let us know!

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How To Make Your Indoor Wedding Unique

One of the main things people are drawn to when it comes to outdoor weddings is all the room you have to be creative, whereas, an indoor wedding venue can look the same from weekend to weekend. So, how do you make your indoor wedding stand out from the wedding before yours? We've come up with some ideas to help you turn your indoor wedding venue into your own unique space.

1. Lighting. There are so many interesting ways that you can light up your reception or ceremony; from candles to Edison Bulb lights, to professional creative lighting. There are so many choices, this one has so many ways to make it your own!


2. Your Centrepieces. This one may seem obvious, but it's also obviously easy to make different than the other bride and groom you know that got married at that venue. Be creative and be YOU here! 


3. Seating Arrangements. Most venues include tables and chairs into your booking but that doesn't mean you have to opt for the traditional way that they set them up! Get your pen and pad out and get creative with how you can arrange the tables and even where you'll place your head table!


4. Use The Ceiling. This is something you don't get to use outside so take advantage of it! From linens to florals there are lots of options here to make the venue fit your theme.


5. Add a backdrop to your head table. You can do so much with this and it'll be the centre of a lot of your reception pictures, so make it count!


However you decorate your wedding venue, remember to make it YOURS!

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