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October Real Bride | Jordan's Dress

Jordan said yes to the dress on October 4th, 2016 with her mom! She had actually shopped once at our store before and fell in love her dress but, she wanted to come back with her mom before saying yes! She also made a custom change when she decided to add the beading in the top of the dress extend throughout the whole gown. We love Jordan's unique story and can't wait for you to read it!


Did you try on dresses before coming to OUTW?


About how many dresses did you try on before you found 'The One'?

"Probably about 15-20."
Jordan said yes to her dress on October 4th, 2016.

Jordan said yes to her dress on October 4th, 2016.


Did anyone have extra influence on helping you say yes to the dress?

"My mom."

Were you expecting to purchase your dress when you came in for your appointment?

"I actually wasn't even dress shopping when I visited. It was a spur of the moment decision driving by on the 402 and I decided to stop and see what they had since a friend recommended it to me."

Was the dress you bought similar to what you came in thinking you wanted?

"It had a few similarities."
We love this shot of the subtle sparkle in her dress that she extended all the way to the bottom!

We love this shot of the subtle sparkle in her dress that she extended all the way to the bottom!

What did your (now) husband think of your dress?

"I was blown away on how amazing her dress was! Very Stunning! I loved how the dress curved to her body and was very elegant like in a dream." -Ryan

How was your experience at Once Upon A Time Weddings?

"It was a great experience. I loved how laid back and comfortable they made me feel. There was no pressure from them to purchase a dress and that made it a lot easier to make a decision. I also loved how easy it was to make changes to the dress when ordering - I chose a different colour and added extra beading throughout the dress. Having the flexibility to make it your own is special."

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your story to finding the dress?

"I had to visit twice because my mother-in-law was with me the first time when I found the dress and I couldn't make a decision without my mom seeing it first. After I went home I couldn't stop thinking about the dress, which was different from all the other dresses I had tried on so before. I knew this one was going to be the one. I ended up coming back a few days later with my mom and we said yes to the dress on my second visit."

Join us next week to read all about Jordan and Ryan's wedding day! If you'd like to be featured as a real bride please message us on Facebook and let us know your interested, we'd love to hear from you!

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June Real Bride | Eric + Kayla's Wedding

Eric and Kayla had a beautiful 2016 New Years Eve wedding, Kayla wore a beautiful sweat heart neckline with a lace a-line gown that flowed beautifully at the bottom which fit perfectly into their winter wedding scene. We hope you all enjoy reading about their wedding day as much as we did!

Where did you get married/have your reception?

"Ceremony was at the adorable Rose Chapel, and reception was at the Old Court House downtown."

What's your favourite memory from your wedding day?

Bride: "My favourite part was the ceremony, it felt like we were the only 2 people in the room as we stood up there holding hands and hearing each other's vows (we wrote our own) - we were both so filled with love and happiness it was the most amazing moment."
Groom: "Obviously when I married Kayla in the chapel. I really liked reading our vows/love letters to each other. After that probably the limo ride with our bridal party to the reception and our first dance."

Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"I loved all of our vendors from our photographers Ashley and Jason, Kathy and her team at Culinary Catering, our cake lady from the Painted Cake, Cass from Opus Salon who did my hair, Elissa from Darling Hair & Makeup, Phillip our awesome officiant and everyone in between - they all made our day perfect."

Any other unique details or stories about your wedding/love story you want to tell us?

"We enlisted a lot of help from our friends and family and did many of the personal touches in our big day ourselves - from designing invitations to making centrepieces and building a photo booth, we were all super busy with wedding prep. Without the help from all of them we would never have gotten everything done, we can't express enough thanks to our friends and family for that. Also a big thank you to my mother in law who did our flowers!"

Thank you so much for following Eric and Kayla's wedding story and thank you Kayla for choosing us as your wedding gown stop.

We simply love winter weddings!  And we love all the DIY touches that Kayla added into her wedding planning!

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2017 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year & Happy Wedding year to all you brides tying the knot in 2017!

Thinking back to the trends of 2016 weddings--metallics, sequins, long-family-style tables, that rustic barn venue, budget-friendly centre pieces, and more personalization in the details. Are these trends going to continue into the new year and what are we going to see more of? We have compiled some of the top predicted trends for 2017 weddings.

Garden-Inspired Florals

"With florals, we're going to keep seeing garlands, as well as organic bouquets and centrepieces, all of which have had tremendous staying power among brides."
—Jamie Chang

Virtual Planning

"Couples have gone fully mobile with their wedding plans. Millennials are all about instant gratification, so they want their wedding planning right at their fingertips at any given moment. There's going to be a continued increasing in seeing the whole planning process online." —Li Zhou

Going paperless has many benefits; not loosing documents, carrying one mobile device instead of a whole stack of papers, etc. We suggest you keep a folder in your email of all wedding related conversations, along with a folder on your desktop dedicated to wedding ideas and documents! We are seeing a lot more people buying their accessories and decorations online; more options than what you could possibly visit in person.


Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

"...with the current '90s revival in fashion and trends, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that velvet has started to make a reappearance. And just in case you're too young to remember the '90s let me tell you - velvet dresses were big. They actually work pretty well for bridesmaids dresses in a classic, wintery way, and the colours are rich, from emerald to sapphire to ruby to classic black." -The South Bound Bride
We don't have any velvet dresses in our store, but we have plenty of other options to choose from to fit your personal style!

We don't have any velvet dresses in our store, but we have plenty of other options to choose from to fit your personal style!

Guest Interaction

"Couples are looking for ways to engage their guests throughout the wedding day. Interactive food stations and lawn games are great for fostering engagement, as is unique entertainment (think fire eaters or contortionists!), which will give everyone something to talk about. We also love the idea of guests walking into a photo wall, either stationery or as a slideshow."     —Fabrice Orlando

As a family boutique we are loving this trend! The buffet style appetizers, serve yourself refreshments, and fun lawn games! This really helps keep your day laid back and inviting for your guests if that's what you're going for!

Doubly Gorgeous Gowns

"One thing I've seen for the first time this year that I expect to see more of are removable skirts. The bride can have a sheath dress look and a ball gown look for much less than the cost of two dress." —Ann Oleinik

We LOVE our two pieces here at Once Upon A Time Weddings! We have multiple different skirts and tops that can be mix and matched along with the option to put a skirt over a tighter fitting dress to give you two different looks on your wedding day!


From DIY guest gifts to watercolour place holders, we are loving this trend that allows brides to put their own special touches on their wedding.

First Looks

"These are a keeper. I love first looks, I think they're brilliant. It takes me forever to convince a bride and groom to do that, but they're more personal -- I love them." -David Tutera

This is the perfect time for your fiancé to see you in your dress and not hold back his emotions; just you and him for a moment on your wedding day.



We can't wait to see all the trends you follow and all the ones you set on your own this wedding season!

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Inspiration and quotes pulled from: BRIDES, Pinterest