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Erin's Journey | Our First Big Crisis.

This month, I'm sharing some of our story of how we built and grew Once Upon A Time Weddings.  If you missed our introduction story last week, you can read it here: http://bit.ly/2KrINeE

I was in year four.  The first few years had been bumpy, but we were finally finding our groove. And then our first big shipping crisis hit.

It was a designer we knew and trusted.

We had visited his stores.

And bought his sales trainings.
We carried his line for about a year and over half of our in-stock gowns were his line.

And then he stopped shipping gowns.

Wedding gowns were late, really late.

And we weren’t getting any answers from him.

For the first time in the history of my business we were going to miss a wear date.

I had to muster up the courage, dig deep inside of me and make phone calls that I pray I never have to make again.

I’m so sorry to tell you this, but your wedding gown will not arrive in time for your wedding.

We went into autopilot. 

Survival mode.

Full refunds.

Free alterations.

Switch to any in stock gown that you want to regardless of cost.

It was hard.

It was devastating on our business.

It was all so outside of our control.

Once the dust settled and I had personally worked with every bride affected by that designer it was time to learn some big lessons. And remove all those gowns from our racks and sell them off.


I had a big choice to make.

I could become bitter.

Or I could become better.

You see, we had just gone through one of the worst experiences of my life.  A situation that I hadn’t created or could have changed in any way.  I could so easily have become bitter because of it. It was done to me after all.

Or I could find the lesson in the situation and I could learn.

I could use what I learned and grow my business.

And so we picked up the pieces of our business, prayed that we never went through anything like that again and continued on.

One of the biggest lessons that we learned during this crisis was to always take care of our customers.  To go above and beyond for them.  It’s one of our pillars of our business. 

We don’t always get it right, but we always make it right.

We care deeply about each of our customers.  We want them to love their experience and time with us.  So we spent lots of time perfecting the customer experience over the years.  
We’re not perfect.  But we constantly striving to be better.  To do better.  To be consistent.

Things started changing. 

Sales increased.

More and more brides heard about us.

And then we were facing crisis number two dead in the face.

This time however it was much, much worse.

Join me next week as I dive into that lesson.

September Real Bride | Jordan + Andy's Wedding

Jordan and Andy's wedding is straight out of a bridal magazine! From the soft pinks to the luscious green bouquets 😍, we have all the heart eyes while scrolling through today's blog. This wedding is one for the books and Jordan's dress couldn't have fit their theme ANY better! We hope you enjoy looking into their wedding day as much as we did!


What's your favourite memory from your wedding day? (Bride + Groom can answer)

"We had the perfect day from beginning to end, it honestly would be tough to point out a favourite! We had an amazing time during the day with our parties, the sun was shining for our outdoor ceremony!"
HOW beautiful is that bouquet from McClung's Flowers?!😍 

HOW beautiful is that bouquet from McClung's Flowers?!😍 


Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"Lisa Woodiwiss beautifully officiated our ceremony, our photographer Haley Thuss was so much fun to work with and delivered amazing shots, Belmont Catering served a delicious meal, DJ Alpha had everyone on the dance floor, our late night food truck Bifana Boys had everybody lined up, McClung's Flowers in Watford accomplished everything I envisioned and more, and Sydenham Ridge Estate was a stunning venue for the wedding of our dreams!"

We love seeing our dresses on wedding days, on our gorgeous brides! If you bought your dress with us, please don't hesitate to email us to be featured on our blog! We love seeing your pictures and hearing your love stories!

Venue: Sydenham Ridge Estate

Photography: Haley Thuss

If you're still searching for your dream dress, visit us today and enjoy the one of a kind experience that we offer!