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Briday Friday - Garden Wedding Inspiration

This month, we partnered with our lovely friends from LaPiers Flowers in Sarnia to create stunning window displays around the Garden Wedding theme. I think wedding planning is easier when you have a theme - because something either fits with your theme or it doesn’t. A wedding theme can be simple like black & white or elaborate like masquerade. If you aren’t on Pinterest then you need to get on there immediately! So much wedding inspiration can be found, but be prepared to lose a lot of time & quite possibly become addicted to Pinterest!  These are the pictures off on Pinterest that we used for inspiration for our window displays.

So, with this inspiration in hand and a wedding gown & periwinkle bridesmaid gown, we trekked off to Sarnia so they could create a stunning window display for LaPiers Flowers.

LaPiers Bridal is owned by Marianne & Sharon LaPier and has been serving brides in the Sarnia area for many, many years.  They also do décor and rentals through their store front at 208 N. Front St. in downtown Sarnia.  These ladies are so great to work with and they have such an eye for detail.  We have worked with them many times at bridal shows over the years, and we have been so impressed with their easygoing nature, expertise and beautiful work.  If you're in the Sarnia area you need to stop into their store and see how they can help with your wedding plans, or simply just see their beautiful bouquets & many unique gift items.

And here's the result of their window...

LaPiers Flowers Window

Of course, we had to have these lovely ladies come down and do a similar design to our store windows.  For more information about LaPiers Flowers please click here or call them at 519.334.1414.  If you have an idea for a theme for next month's window please comment or email us at

Once Upon A Time Weddings garden themed wedding display

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