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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Today we are going to chat about wedding invitation etiquette which was one of the many topics we received from our followers. So first, we think it's important that there isn't really a right or wrong way to do things for YOUR wedding. But there are guidelines out there that you can start with if you have no idea where to even begin! 


1) First off, what do you need to include in your wedding invitation?

  • Who's hosting.

  • Bride and Groom's maiden names.

  • The actual invitation - "We request your presence at our wedding..."

  • Date, location, and time.

  • Reception to follow (address if it's a different location).

2) When addressing the outside of the envelope go with your overall theme; are you a traditional bride or are you going the more casual route. Either way, below is a list of overall etiquette for addressing your envelope in different situations; IE: unmarried, different last names, Dr, etc.



3) Wording the inside of your invitation based on who is hosting the wedding. Again, this does depend on how formal you are going but either way here are some tips that people typically use.

  • If parents are married: "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith"

  • If parents are separated: "Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Doe."

  • If parents are deceased: "Mr. John Smith and the late Mrs. Jane Smith."

  • If parents are remarried: Mother of the bride is written first then followed by Father of the bride.

  • If couple is hosting wedding on their own: "Together with our families, (insert bride and groom's name) invite you to celebrate..."

We hope this helps with some of the questions we received about the etiquette of addressing wedding invites!

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Simple Decor Goes A Long Way

One question we get a lot is "how do we stay within budget while still having the wedding of our dreams?" The million dollar question right! This is where Pinterest gets sticky, it's a great resource but can make your expectations a bit out of your realistic budget. Well, that's where Pinterest is also winning - their DIY ideas are on point when it comes to wedding decorations! We've pulled some easy ways to make your decor go a long way while saving a lot of money.

1. Collecting everyday items and dressing them up. Wine bottles, mason jars, cans, driftwood, etc. Spray painting, adding glitter, etc. to these items makes them brand new and you can fit them exactly to your theme! Don't be afraid to ask around, people are throwing these things away everyday!


2. Make your own signs. Chances are you or someone you know has great handwriting so making your own signs is a great way to save on cost and gives your wedding a sense of uniquness. 


3. Don't discount the dollar store! You can find some serious wedding decor treasures in there. Go in with an open mind and use your imagination! From frames, to candles, to vases, to rocks/pebbles; there is lots of room to go decor crazy in there!


4. Nature is your friend! Now, this one depends on what season you are getting married in, but chances are you picked that season because you like it! Sticks, wildflowers, rocks, etc. You can use these naturally or dress them up with paint/spray paint/glitter.


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September Real Bride | Jordan + Andy's Wedding

Jordan and Andy's wedding is straight out of a bridal magazine! From the soft pinks to the luscious green bouquets 😍, we have all the heart eyes while scrolling through today's blog. This wedding is one for the books and Jordan's dress couldn't have fit their theme ANY better! We hope you enjoy looking into their wedding day as much as we did!


What's your favourite memory from your wedding day? (Bride + Groom can answer)

"We had the perfect day from beginning to end, it honestly would be tough to point out a favourite! We had an amazing time during the day with our parties, the sun was shining for our outdoor ceremony!"
HOW beautiful is that bouquet from McClung's Flowers?!😍 

HOW beautiful is that bouquet from McClung's Flowers?!😍 


Who were your favourite vendors from your wedding day?

"Lisa Woodiwiss beautifully officiated our ceremony, our photographer Haley Thuss was so much fun to work with and delivered amazing shots, Belmont Catering served a delicious meal, DJ Alpha had everyone on the dance floor, our late night food truck Bifana Boys had everybody lined up, McClung's Flowers in Watford accomplished everything I envisioned and more, and Sydenham Ridge Estate was a stunning venue for the wedding of our dreams!"

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Venue: Sydenham Ridge Estate

Photography: Haley Thuss

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Planning for beyond the wedding day..

In this blog post, Owner, Erin Bouchard helps brides as they plan for their big day remember to plan for beyond their big day.  Wedding planning can be crazy and overwhelming.  But brides should remember why they are doing all the planning.

4 Years Old, Holy Smokies..

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