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Out of Town Wedding Guests Etiquette

Do you have guests coming in for your wedding from out of town? Whether they're travelling 2 hours or 15 hours, it's nice to make them feel welcomed and help make their trip as smooth as possible! So we've put together a little list of things you can do to let them know you're grateful that they've traveled for your big day!

1. Blocking off hotel rooms. This might sound like a given but blocking off hotel rooms and giving your out of town guests this luxury saves them time and stress in researching hotels in your area. Want to go the extra mile? Send them a list of car rental places too if they are flying into town!

2. Welcome bag. This can be left in their hotel room, just a little goody bag with things to make them feel special! From water to personalized wedding gear to local goodies, you can get so creative here and who doesn't love a goodie bag?! 


3. Itinerary suggestions. This is such a nice way to introduce your guests to your town, show them your favourite spots, and/or just give them something to do with their down time before or after your wedding day festivities! Think nail salons, favourite restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres, etc.


4. Quality Time. Remember, these guests came to see the two of YOU! If you can, make time to have brunch the day after the wedding or a cocktail hour the day before your wedding. Not only will this make them feel appreciated it will also give you time outside of your wedding day to catch up with them. If this is too stressful on you, you can always give them an extra squeeze at the wedding or include out-of-towner's in your toast!


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