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On Growth | Where OUTW is headed.


It’s a double edged sword.

You want your business to grow.  So you work hard, spend long hours doing more marketing and you become laser focused on growing your business.  You strive to deliver a great experience to your customers.

Then you grow.  And you're so grateful for that growth.  But you’ve got to make hard decisions.  Because if you don’t you won’t be able to keep growing.

And that my friends is where we’re at.  In the throes of making some BIG decisions.

We’ve been wrestling with this over the last few weeks.  We don’t ever want to do anything that will stagnate our growth.  We don’t ever want to do anything that will effect our customers in a negative way.  But the bottom line is we have outgrown our space.  We need to have the ability to do more than two bridal appointments at a time.  We need the space to grow our bridesmaids division and I need space to keep growing my coaching business.

Floor Plans!  I actually am a BIG nerd and love doing this.

Floor Plans!  I actually am a BIG nerd and love doing this.

It pains us deeply to have to move again.  Especially so soon.  This old house is filled with memories.  It’s filled with dreams.  It has represented to us a business reborn.

When we moved in, we had hoped to be here forever.  We had dreams of moving out and turning all the bedrooms into suites.  We had dreams of turning our loft into the coolest office space in the history of bridal stores.  But that’s just not possible with the number of parking spots we have as well as accessibility issues.

So we’ve scoured Strathroy in search of our new FOREVER home.  We've seen some great spaces and some, well not so great spaces.  And we’re SO close to being able to announce where we’re moving.

We’re dreaming of old doors, barnboard walls and multiple bridal suites.  And we can’t wait.

I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you this:

·      We’re staying in Strathroy

·      We’re not moving far

·      We’re going to have more bridal suites than we do currently

·      We’re keeping the same feel to the store as we have now – each suite will have comfortable seating, a built in fitting area, your own mirrors and more!

·      One of the suites will be dedicated to bridesmaids with smaller fitting rooms

Most of our team at the bridal crawl!  Missing Blair our social media guru!

Most of our team at the bridal crawl!  Missing Blair our social media guru!

I also promise to include you along the way.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you'll see all the behind the scenes details.  We've got some cool contests in mind as we plan out the new space.  We've also got some great events that we're thinking of already for the new space!  So follow along the fun!  And if you have any questions please email me at info@onceuponatimeweddings.  I can't wait to continue serving brides from all over Southwestern Ontario at our new and expanded space!

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Bridal Inspiration - Book Themed Wedding.

The name of our store, Once Upon A Time Weddings has a bit of fairy tale theme to it.  So when I came across some pictures of a book themed wedding on Pinterest, I fell in love with the idea.  What a creative way to incorporate something you are passionate about into your BIG DAY.  Adorable.

The perfect start to any themed wedding is of course with the perfect invitation & save the dates.  They set the mood and tone for your wedding day.

How perfect is this backdrop for your book themed ceremony?  Imagine saying I do under an arch of your favourite books?

Sometimes, less is more.  As proven by these simple centerpieces of books wrapped with lace and a book page flower.   

Sometimes, less is more.  As proven by these simple centerpieces of books wrapped with lace and a book page flower.


Of course, no book themed nuptial would be complete with a book themed adorable cake, right?!  Love the mix of page flowers and gold.  

Of course, no book themed nuptial would be complete with a book themed adorable cake, right?!  Love the mix of page flowers and gold.  

How perfect is this guest book alternative?  Get your guests to sign a spine of a book that you can frame and keep.

How perfect is this guest book alternative?  Get your guests to sign a spine of a book that you can frame and keep.

Are you planning a themed wedding?  What do you think of them?  I think they can be done quite elegantly & fun.  I love to see couples plan a day that is a true reflection of them...

What I Wish Every Bride Knew, Part 1

What I Wish Every Bride Knew… About Being Engaged.

By: Erin Bouchard
Owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings

 You’re engaged!  Whether you’ve been waiting for a long time for that shiny ring of yours or your fiancé completely surprised you, you are about to embark on a new journey together.  This is the first of a 5 part blog series that will help you navigate through some of the big decisions you will need to make now that you’ve gone from girlfriend to fiancé!   In this first part we’ll tackle what to do first, how to announce your engagement in style, as well as cover three important decisions you should make ASAP.  So grab a glass of bubbly and get ready to jump in!

The Essential Thing You Must Do Now That You’re Engaged.

The very first thing that you should do is call your insurance company and add your engagement ring to your policy.  Because if heaven forbid something happens to your ring, I’m betting your fiancé doesn’t want to have to buy you a second one!  Insurance can be purchased as an extension or sometimes called adding a rider, to your renter’s or home insurance.  Call your insurance company today to get it added on.

Announcing Your Engagement

There are so many cute ways to announce that you’re engaged.  Before you post it on social media make sure you have let all close friends & family members know personally.  Send them a quick email, text or give them a quick call.  Then post away on facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.  Be prepared for lots of questions regarding date, venue, etc!  Throwing an engagement party is a good way to celebrate with family, friends and a great way to introduce members of the wedding party.  Or it might even be a fun way to ask your guys & girls to be part of your wedding party.  An engagement party can be as low key or as formal as you want it to be.

engagement announcement.jpg

Three Important Decisions to Make Right Away

The first important decision to make is where the wedding will be held at.  This is crucial because it will determine your wedding date.  Start researching wedding ceremony and venue locations right away.  Draft a rough draft or your guest list so you have an approximate idea of number of guests before narrowing down your list of potential venues.  Schedule a few tours and get some more information on your top choices.  If you’re planning a backyard wedding or a wedding at the family farm, call a couple rental companies and ensure availability of a tent.

The second important decision is to decide on your wedding party.  Talk to your fiancé about how many people they are planning to ask to stand up with them.  Then ask your wedding party to be part of your big day.  Search pinterest for this as there are a ton of cute and fun ways to ask.

ask bridesmaids.jpg

The final decision you should do right away is research local wedding shows.  Bridal shows are a great thing to attend when you’re first engaged as they are a great way to meet local wedding vendors, chat with other local brides and see some fun bridal fashions.  For a list of bridal shows in Southwestern Ontario check out the Wedding Ring’s list  Browse through your local bridal shows and choose a couple to attend.

I hope you enjoyed this article and got some good information on what you should do now that you are engaged.  Next Friday I`ll tackle What I Wish Every Bride Knew About- Setting A Budget for the Wedding.  If you have any questions, concerns or need to reach me you can email me at, call me at 519.245.7997 or text me at 519.319.9441.

Be Beautiful!

Erin Bouchard

Owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings.

What's a Bride To Do If She Panics?

Not all brides do it. But it’s not completely uncommon. What happens if you get home, your heart starts pounding and you start regretting the decision that you just made? Let’s talk about bridal panic for a minute.

It’s been a day you’ll remember for a while. You went dress shopping. It was a great day with mom and maybe a friend or two. Maybe you even dragged grams along for the ride. You found the gown. You pictured walking down the aisle. You said yes. Maybe mom cried, maybe she didn’t. {it’s still your gown either way} Then you get home. You are excited but then the finalization of what you just did hits you in a wave of sheer panic. Shut the front door! Did I just really find a gown? WHAT DID I SAY YES TO!? There are a number of reasons why this panic might be hitting you and they’re not bad reasons and it’s not uncommon.

The first reason is you might feel like you didn’t shop enough. How can it be this easy? Shouldn’t I have dragged mom and grams to every store there is before I decided. Many brides, partially thanks to good, old reality tv shows feel like every bride must try on every single dress to be found before making a decision. Or they see their drama tv shows and think that it must really be that hard to find a gown. But it’s not. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to try on 22 gowns to know FOR SURE. Because the truth is once you find one you love, you’ll just keep searching for something so similar to that one that you’ll end up getting frustrated or overwhelmed. So remind yourself that it doesn’t have to be difficult and just because it was easy, doesn’t mean that you made the wrong decision.

Another reason is that sometimes that purchase suddenly makes the whole wedding feel real. A lot of times it’s not even about the dress, it’s about the realness of the decision that you are committing to. Remember to breath and remember all those reasons you said yes to the proposal. You are getting married. Don’t let that scare you, let it excite you.

Whatever reason you are panicking, reach out to us. We’ve helped brides who have felt the same way, and we’re HERE for you. Call, text, email, Facebook message, morse code us. It’s part of our job and if you have any questions or concerns then reach out to us. It’s a sad part of our reality, that brides think to hop online and write a negative review or complain publicly before they’ve even chatted with us. We can’t fix a problem, we don’t know we have. If you are able to, come back into the store and slip that gown back on and you’ll realize all over again why you love it and why you said yes.


If you do think you want to change your mind, be a grown up about it. You are signing a contract and you are agreeing to abide by the outlines of the contract. If you change your mind or want us to alter that contract for any reason, remember you are asking us to change. Don’t treat us like we did something wrong by selling you, your gown. Be respectful and remember we are human beings too. Calling us names or being rude won’t get you anywhere. Every single one of us working at Once Upon A Time Weddings cares so much about our brides & our customers that we want the absolute best for you. We want you to love your gown and be so, so happy with your choice long after the I Do’s. But we are a business and we have contracts in place for a reason. All we’re asking is that you be mature about the decision you are making. We agree to take the journey with you and be there every step of the way. So let’s get going on that journey. Click here to book your bridal appointment and start enjoying the benefits of our expertise right away.