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How to be the most kick-butt bridesmaid!

Being a bridesmaid can be tough. And it’s easy to get caught up in your own excitement and forget what your role as a maid is. So today on the blog, owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings, Erin Bouchard is sharing her 5 tips to being the best bridesmaids a bride can ask for.

  1. Remember it’s about the bride.

This day is for the bride. Shopping for a gown is for the bride. The bachelorette is for the bride. Remember that there is a difference between giving your opinion and enforcing your way. Share ideas but make sure you listen more to the bride’s ideas. So often in bridal appointments we hear friends giving their opinion is a degrading way. “Well I don’t like that gown at all, but that’s just me.” Most brides will not be able to hear someone say they hate their gown and still purchase it. Think about how you say things. You could try saying something like, “Well this isn’t my personal style, but you do look beautiful in it.”

2. Show up.

Don’t leave your girl hanging. If you say you’ll be somewhere, be there. If you’re running late, text or call and give an update. Be there for all the important things - showers, bachelorette, fittings, etc. Get all the dates in your calendar and make it a priority.

Photograph by  Chris Sit Photography.

3. Ask the bride what you can do to help.

She likely has a whole list of things she is wanting help with. So ask her regularly. Check in with her on progress on tasks. Be as helpful as you can.

4. Don’t complain.

This should be a given. Don’t complain to the bride. But also don’t be complaining to other members of the wedding party. It may get back to the bride and no one needs that much negativity. Show enthusiasm.

5. Follow through on what you say you will do.

If you say you’ll get your dress ordered by a certain date, then do it. If you say you’ll come over to stuff invitations, do it. Brides have enough stress to worry about, that they don’t need to also be tracking you down to finish your tasks.

Bonus Tip: Have fun. Being in a wedding should be fun and exciting. Be respectful of your bride, yes. But also do some fun things with your bride. Whisk her away to the movies or gift her a gift card to a restaurant. Tell her that her only to do task at the dinner is to not talk about the wedding. Give her some stressful moments during a stressful time.

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Styling Your Maids.

Here at Once Upon a Time Weddings our main goal is helping you find your dream dress along with offering our unique in-store experience. But, what can we offer after you 'say yes to the dress'? What else is on your wedding to-do list that we can help you check off? How about finding dresses for those most important girls standing next to you on your day! We offer a wide selection of colours and styles for your bridesmaids along with that same in-store experience all over again!

We combined four of our wedding gowns with some of our bridesmaids dresses to show how your maids dresses can help enhance your gown!

This first one we wanted to show case how different necklines and colours can draw your attention to your gorgeous gown. While staying in a fall colour palette, with this plum tone dress you can absolutely have the same neckline as your wedding gown… its simplistic yet elegant style only accentuates your wedding gown and brings out its blush undertones and sparkle.


Now with the halter neckline you cannot lose, its the complete opposite of your gown and still adds a great colour while playing on texture with this chiffon fabric. Both silhouettes bring a great shape to any body type.


Next, we show a way to 'bring out your bling' even more by accenting your dress with maids dresses that have fall inspired colours and lace accents. Here we are keeping more in mind for the cooler season with deep Burgundy and a Navy colour palette. It allows the ivory tone in this horse hair skirt to really pop and be an absolute show stopper.


Thirdly, we are breaking out the lace! This maids dress helps bring out your lace texture and your Ivory wedding gown colour without over doing it. These dresses come in a variety of colours and can make a great statement for any season. (P.S. the blue dress has pockets.. who doesn't love those!?)


Lastly, the boho look! We have combined a long flowing gown with a deep v-neck and a short flirty and fun lace v-neck. Different shades, lengths, and styles; who ever said your girls had to be matching in these categories! This neutral colour scheme goes great for a boho theme, and compliments any skin tone.


So whatever look you're going for with your maids, the stylists at Once Upon A Time Weddings can help pull it all together for you!  Click here to book your maids experience!