A little spotlight on the men...

Most people know that we have been successfully dressing women & girls for various events & occassions.  But what some people don't know is that we can dress the men & boys too from head to toe.  Whether you're looking to purchase or to rent Once Upon A Time Weddings has you covered.  Wtih tuxedo packages starting at $79.99 you can walk down the aisle or show up to that special event in style without breaking the bank.

 If you're looking to purchase we've got dress shirts, ties, pants & suits that can be purchased individually or as a package.  Perfect for more informal weddings, father of the bride/groom, grad or prom or even just for work.

If you're looking to rent you can rent just part of a tuxedo or the entire package.  Choose from a large variety of colors for vests & ties and styles of tuxedos.

 It doesn't matter what color your fiance, wife or date has chosen we can be sure to match it!  Bring a swatch or the dress into the store and we'll be happy to select the best match.  We've got the best selection of colors.

We have started to select prom and grad reps, so if you're interested in earning a free tuxedo stop in soon or call us at 519.245.7997 for more information.  Store Hours:

Monday & Tuesday 10-5

Wednesday closed

Thursday & Friday 1-8

Saturday 10-4