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All About The NEW Location!

We've made it!

This may have been the longest week of my life, but we've officially moved into our new OUTW home!  I'm so excited to share this new space and welcome brides into our OUTW family here.

Here's some of the details you need to know about the new location!

Address: 10 Metcalfe St. W Strathroy (corner of Metcalfe St. W & Caradoc St. N)

Phone #: 519.245.7997 (didn't change)

Store Hours: 

Monday 11-6

Tuesday 11-6

Wednesday closed

Thursday 11-8

Friday 11-6

Saturday 10-4

Sunday by appointment


We designed the new store to have the same feel and privacy as our old store.  Each bride will have her own bridal suite with her own fitting room and mirror built into the room.  The ultimate gown finding experience can be found at Once Upon A Time Weddings!


One of the things I'm most excited about in the new location is our Embellish room.  This room is where you can find the most luxurious casual items as well as gifts for your girls!  Brides who shop at OUTW will get a discount off the items in this room!  Stop in and check it out.  Be sure to check us out on Facebook as well for discounts, sneak peeks and to follow along with us as we grow this room!  Click here!


Grand Re-Opening: Wednesday, September 14th at 6pm.  Full details can be found here!

Join us for cake, a ribbon cutting ceremony and special discounts! 

See you soon!


Erin Bouchard


Revealing All The Details of Our Big MOVE!

We were finally able to announce where the store is moving to on a Facebook live on Tuesday!  {Missed it, watch it here!} Today on the blog we wanted to share some of our design details with you all. 

When you walk into our store now, you kick off your shoes, curl up on our couch and make yourself feel at home.  It's so important for us to keep that feeling as we move into our new space.  We're designing the store to be bridal suites, similar to what we have now.  Each suite will have it's own fitting area, seating area & mirror!

First some details:

New address: 10 Metcalfe St. (corner of Metcalfe & Caradoc St. N in Mufflerman Plaza)

Anticipated move date: August 2017

We're taking two units, tearing down a wall in between and will have just under 2000 square feet!

Each bridal suite will also have a design wall with a fireplace on it.  We'll build out one of the bridal suite to be for bridesmaids gowns with three small fitting rooms!

We're also very excited that the new store will be more handicapped accessible with a push button front door, handicapped accessible customer washroom and handicapped accessible doors leading into the bridal suites!

We've also had the drop ceiling pulled out and the ceilings will be about fourteen feet tall with beautiful light fixtures.  We saw another unit with a similar ceiling and it's what made us fall in love with the potential of the building. 

We were debating whether to paint this all black or white and we finally settled on a darker but still warm grey.  We're super excited!! 

So many design choices happened!! The ceiling will be painted the dark grey in the picture, the floor has a nice grey & brown mixed together & the walls will be a warm lighter brown!

The wall is out, the ceiling is pulled up & work is on it's way!  We can't believe how much got done so quickly already!  

Be sure to follow us on instagram + check out our stories to see all kinds of behind the scenes shots as we progress towards our new location.  @outweddings

Any questions, shoot us an email to or call the store at 519.245.7997.

Before we move, we're excited to announce we'll be offering exclusive & completely private bridal appointments at our old location during the month of July.  Call the store to book at 519.245.7997.   Your exclusive appointment will be booked after hours so you're the only bride in the store, we'll serve food & champagne, and you'll have the ultimate gown finding experience.  Cost is $150 + 1/2 of it will go towards the purchase of your gown. {Check out our battle of the gowns today because we're giving one away for free today}.

On Growth | Where OUTW is headed.


It’s a double edged sword.

You want your business to grow.  So you work hard, spend long hours doing more marketing and you become laser focused on growing your business.  You strive to deliver a great experience to your customers.

Then you grow.  And you're so grateful for that growth.  But you’ve got to make hard decisions.  Because if you don’t you won’t be able to keep growing.

And that my friends is where we’re at.  In the throes of making some BIG decisions.

We’ve been wrestling with this over the last few weeks.  We don’t ever want to do anything that will stagnate our growth.  We don’t ever want to do anything that will effect our customers in a negative way.  But the bottom line is we have outgrown our space.  We need to have the ability to do more than two bridal appointments at a time.  We need the space to grow our bridesmaids division and I need space to keep growing my coaching business.

Floor Plans!  I actually am a BIG nerd and love doing this.

Floor Plans!  I actually am a BIG nerd and love doing this.

It pains us deeply to have to move again.  Especially so soon.  This old house is filled with memories.  It’s filled with dreams.  It has represented to us a business reborn.

When we moved in, we had hoped to be here forever.  We had dreams of moving out and turning all the bedrooms into suites.  We had dreams of turning our loft into the coolest office space in the history of bridal stores.  But that’s just not possible with the number of parking spots we have as well as accessibility issues.

So we’ve scoured Strathroy in search of our new FOREVER home.  We've seen some great spaces and some, well not so great spaces.  And we’re SO close to being able to announce where we’re moving.

We’re dreaming of old doors, barnboard walls and multiple bridal suites.  And we can’t wait.

I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you this:

·      We’re staying in Strathroy

·      We’re not moving far

·      We’re going to have more bridal suites than we do currently

·      We’re keeping the same feel to the store as we have now – each suite will have comfortable seating, a built in fitting area, your own mirrors and more!

·      One of the suites will be dedicated to bridesmaids with smaller fitting rooms

Most of our team at the bridal crawl!  Missing Blair our social media guru!

Most of our team at the bridal crawl!  Missing Blair our social media guru!

I also promise to include you along the way.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you'll see all the behind the scenes details.  We've got some cool contests in mind as we plan out the new space.  We've also got some great events that we're thinking of already for the new space!  So follow along the fun!  And if you have any questions please email me at info@onceuponatimeweddings.  I can't wait to continue serving brides from all over Southwestern Ontario at our new and expanded space!

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