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Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl...

Once Upon A Time there was a girl who got a beautiful, sparkly new ring. Everyone around her congratulated her on this exciting time in her life. Shortly followed were so many questions - where will the festivities take place, what colors will be chosen, how many guests would join the party and the ultimate - do you know what you will wear yet? Everywhere she looked she found beautiful gowns in all silhouettes, shades of colors, and price points. Suddenly some of the excitement waned as she pondered how she would ever make the critical decision of picking just ONE gown for her BIG day.

If you’re that girl today, we want you to know the following - Beautiful gowns can be found in every single bridal store across Southwestern Ontario. So how do you know how to pick which bridal store to go to? How do you decide what you will wear on this important, life changing, momentous day of yours?

  • Once Upon A Time Weddings has highly trained and educated consultants who stay on top of their game so they will be sure to pull gowns that will flatter your figure, accentuate your best assets, and stay within your budget. This will literally save you a lot of time and grief.
  • Once Upon A Time Weddings has bridal, bridesmaids & mothers styles that are beautiful, elegant, timeless and can’t be found at any other bridal store across Southwestern Ontario. This means you get a beautiful gown & you won’t see it in every other bridal magazine & website between now and your wedding day. WIN WIN!
  • Our main goal at Once Upon A Time Weddings is to help our brides make the best, EDUCATED decision while purchasing their wedding gown. Think of our staff like the fun supply teacher who helps you learn even though it doesn’t feel like learning. We want to guide you through the entire process of choosing and purchasing a gown so that at the end of the day you have a gown and know a little bit more about the decision you just made. But we also like to have FUN! So we’ve combined the two to give you the ultimate EXPERIENCE!
  • We’re a small business that is run by family. Although being the boss of your mother has some downsides, it means we’re all committed to helping each one of our brides in every way possible. After all you’re not just saying YES to a dress, you’re saying YES to the store & their staff.

I think recent bride Ange who just purchased her gown from our store said it best:

I just wanted to send a thank you message for all of your help and guidance on Saturday as I chose my dress! Katie, you were so helpful and patient with me.. and did a wonderful job of holding the dress in place while I admired it from different angles! The personal attention and care that we received was fantastic! The questions that you ask are also very insightful..and makes the big decision that much more clear! And like you said..it doesn’ t have to be a hard decision!

Thank you again for everything!
Ange :-)

Ange chose to come to Once Upon A Time Weddings and we were the first and only bridal store she visited. If you’re ready to experience all that Once Upon A Time Weddings has to offer then you need to click here to book your fairy tale experience or call us at 519.245.7997. We can’t wait to meet you & help you navigate through the process of falling in LOVE with your gown!

Be Beautiful!

Erin Bouchard

Owner of Once Upon A Time Weddings