July Real Bride | Lori and Bill Bork

Hello July! We can't believe June has come and gone so fast but with a new month comes a new Once Upon A Time Weddings bridal shop Real Bride! We are so excited to share Lori and Bill Bork's sweet, down to earth wedding story with you all this month! Today, we are chatting about their love story.

How did the two of you meet?

"At a Halloween party."

How'd you know your fiancé was the one?

"His eyes lit up and he smiled huge when he looked at me."
We can just see the love in Lori's eyes. 😍

We can just see the love in Lori's eyes. 😍

How did your fiancé propose?

"In his vehicle after a family Christmas get together."

Next week we will be chatting all about how Lori said yes to the dress just 2 months before her wedding day!

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Vendor Interview | Altered Elegance

We chatted with Bea Vasey over at Altered Elegance for an inside look into bridal alterations! One of the most common questions we get from brides in our store is about alterations: how long they take, what they cost, and who we recommend. We have sent lots of our brides over the years to Bea and she always does amazing work at an affordable price! We hope this interview can shed some light into her world and what a bride needs to know about it!

Do you offer alterations for other things (besides wedding gowns)? If so, what? 

"Yes I do...zippers, hemming, and all general alterations."
Bea changing a zipper back into a corset!

Bea changing a zipper back into a corset!

How far in advance do you like a bride to bring her dress in?

"As soon as the bride gets her dress. This will determine how much work needs to be done, price and it will reserve an alteration spot. However, alterations do not need to be started right away, sometimes a bride likes to wait until closer to the wedding."

How long have you been doing wedding alterations?

"About 30 years."

What is your turn around time for wedding dress alterations?

"Each dress is different."

What sets your work apart from other seamstresses?

"Customer service, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, I listen to the brides needs, workmanship and affordable pricing."

If you have your gown and are looking for someone to bring it in, let it out, add crinoline, add straps, or make just make it more unique, Bea is located in Petrolia and loves what she does! Visit her Facebook Page or give her a call at (519) 882-4789.

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A Love that Survives.

You guys, I just had the most adorable encounter today.  A service technician was here to inspect my fire extinguisher {oh the glamourous parts of owning a business}.  He was telling me that he & his wife are celebrating their 30th anniversary this month & he’s taking her to Ireland on Monday.  #relationshipgoals 

This got me thinking about love & marriage.  You guys it’s a lot easier to fall in love than to stay in love.  To fall madly, deeply in love with someone.  So much so, that you decide to spend the rest of your lives together.  Man, that kind of love is exciting.  It leaves you feeling all tingly inside.  But those feelings kind of fade after a bit.  Real love, the kind that lasts thirty years and has you all excited about a trip to Ireland with your wife, it’s a bit different.  It actually takes work.  It means waking up every day dedicated to your relationship.  It means putting someone else first, when what you really want to do it put yourself first.  It means realizing that your spouse’s needs are different than yours.  And then waking up the next day and learning those lessons all over again {we can be a bit of a slow learner sometimes cant we}.  It means choosing to stay faithful to the one you chose.  It’s not all glamourous and Instagram worthy.  It’s real.  It’s messy.  It’s beautiful.

I adore that we get to be part of so many love stories.  That so many magical experiences happen right here at Once Upon A Time Weddings.  But long after that magic feeling starts to fade, I hope you realize that there is a love so much greater.  A relationship so much deeper.  If you’re stuck in a rut or feeling like this isn’t the fairytale you imagined, hang in there.  Do the work.  Love your spouse deeply.  Make a renewed commitment to your relationship.  A true relationship doesn’t just happen, it takes love, patience and forgiveness.

For those of you not yet married and still in the planning, exciting stages.  Soak it in.  Live every moment. But spend time preparing for the marriage and not just the wedding day.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

XO Erin.