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'How To' Wedding Timeline From The Professionals

We had a great suggestion on one of our blog posts a while back about interviewing two wedding vendors to see how they attempt/compile a wedding timeline, so here we are! We interviewed a wedding coordinator, Kassandra from Unmistakably You and a wedding photographer, Amanda from Amanda Kopcic Photography to hopefully help answer some questions you are coming up with as you plan your 'day of' wedding timeline. We love hearing ideas of what you girls need help with when wedding planning so keep the comments coming!

Amanda is the lead photographer at Amanda Kopcic Photography along with Jazz Kopcic, the lead videographer, and Lauren Huston, editor and associate photographer. They believe that pictures are a way of holding onto memories forever and love being able to capture those special moments for their clients. They specialize in wedding and family building sessions; they are based in Strathroy.

Amanda Kopcic | Photographer

Amanda Kopcic | Photographer

Kassandra is a wedding coordinator at Unmistakably You and they were founded to help couples who felt like their personalities were getting lost in the logistics of wedding planning to be able to rediscover their personal story and incorporate it intimately into their wedding. They want your wedding to feel like your wedding, not just another wedding!

Kassandra Kilback | Wedding Coordinator

Kassandra Kilback | Wedding Coordinator

Do you have a list of preferred vendors and do you only work with them?

Amanda: "Yes, we have a list of preferred vendors that we hand off to our clients once they book. We don't limit our clients by making them only book with our prefered vendors however simply pass along their information if they are still looking for specific services."

Kassandra: "We try and match our couples with the vendor that best matches their personality and budget. We do not have a set list of vendors but we do want to make sure we are referring trusted and quality vendors to our couples."

How do you begin coming up with a wedding day timeline?

Amanda: "When it comes to the timeline of the wedding day we like to contact the couple 2-3 months before the wedding date. This gives the bride lots of time to put together a timeline for us to look over. We always start with their ceremony time. Once this has been established we then find out if they are wanting all the formal photos done before or after the ceremony, working backwards to ensure there is enough time in place so we aren't rushed on the day of the wedding. When there is a coordinator involved we like to work with them on the timeline to figure out the best fit for family and formal photos."

Kassandra: "Our timelines are based off a 3 hour itinerary meeting. First we gather all the details so we know when the big moments are happening, photos, ceremony, dinner and dances and almost work backwards to make it all work."

How involved is the bride? 

Amanda: "We involve the bride as much as she wishes to be involved in this process. We find that some brides can get overwhelmed by the timeline/ scheduling process and try to alleviate the stress by working on this with them well in advance." 

Kassandra: "Completely involved! After our meeting we type up a complete timeline and to do list and send it off to our couples."

As the vendor (Amanda) do you find it easier when there is a timeline from the wedding planner?

Amanda: "Yes, we love to see the timeline the coordinator has put in place. We just ask to see it well before the wedding date to ensure we have enough time for each portion of our day, such as family photos, prep time, formal photos and so forth. This way if we need to move anything around we can talk about it before hand and work with both the coordinator and the bride."

As the vendor (Amanda) do you also come up with your own timeline for photos?

Amanda: "Yes, we normally come up with a rough draft of time needed for each part of the day we are scheduled to be there for. We then compare and move things around as needed."  

How often do the both of you vendors communicate with each other?

Amanda: "We like to know in advance who the coordinator is and talk preferably a week before the wedding.  If any changes should arise from the last schedule we received we then ask to be informed before the wedding date."

Kassandra: "All the time, depending on the couple. I will often send our created timeline to the vendors we are working with and make sure it fits with their perceived schedule, so we are all on the same page."

How often do the both of you communicate with the bride?

Amanda: "We are in contact with the bride throughout the planning process. From the time they book our services, the engagement sessions, the timeline creation to touching base the week before the wedding."

Kassandra: "We do not limit communication, we are available to review questions and changes throughout the process of planning."

As the wedding planner (Kassandra), do you handle all of the vendors timelines instead of the bride?

Kassandra: "When we are hired as a full wedding planner, we try to keep all the back and forth between us and the vendors only. When final decisions are made, we ensure our couples agree to any changes and the final timeline."

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the bride about your business.?

Amanda: "We are a growing team providing families, couples and businesses alike with both photography and videography services. When it comes to weddings, as we expand we are able to offer our clients with more options and services then ever before. We love working with couples on their big day and getting to work with some incredible vendors."

Kassandra: "Here at Unmistakably You, our mandate is to completely customize our services to each individual couple.  Your wedding won't be the same as everyone else's, so why should you get the same services? For that reason, we like to sit down with potential clients and talk about exactly what you need and how we can help.  From there, we can put together a custom package that totally suits your unique wedding and your budget. We have full wedding planning services, day of Coordination services and everything in between."

Amanda Kopcic Photography: WebsiteInstagram, and Facebook.

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Unmistakably You: Website, Instagram, and Facebook

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