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Spotlight On A Wedding Vendor - Beauty by Mallory.

On this Spotlight On A Wedding Vendor, I got the opportunity to discuss hair & makeup with Mallory Antone, owner of Beauty by Mallory. One of the biggest mistakes we both see in wedding planning is brides thinking they don’t need to hire a hair and makeup artist. Often, it’s something that brides think they can cut out of their budget or sometimes it’s just not seen as a necessity. This often leaves brides scrambling at the last minute trying to find a professional hair & makeup artist who is still available for their wedding day. Unfortunately it can be one of a brides biggest regrets after the wedding. After all, it’s wonderful to start your wedding day feeling pampered. Having your hair & makeup professionally done will also make a huge difference in your photographs, which are your only keepsakes from that day.

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Beauty by Mallory, provides on location hairstyling and makeup artistry to brides and their bridal parties. She is also a fully trained and licensed salon hairstylist. The best part of her job Mallory says is that she, “loves meeting people and creating a fresh look that makes them feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside“.

Mallory says there are three mistakes she sees too many brides making when it comes to their hair & makeup for their wedding day.

1.) Not booking a trial or not leaving enough time for a full trial. She says, “trials are important for us to get to know each other and find the perfect style for your big day.” She likes to book trials about 3 months before a bride’s big day so they can enjoy the process and not feel rushed.

2.) Not bringing the essentials to your hair trial. She recommends bringing your earrings, veil, hair clips, necklaces, headbands or any other accessory that you would like to incorporate so you can see the finished look with your and makeup done.

3.) Not making an educated decision on who your stylist should be. Mallory suggests that you shop around and know what to look for in a safe and professional stylist. Ask for their training background and ask to see photos and read reviews of their past work. Cheaper is not always the best bet, but there’s no guarantee that the most expensive service provider is the best fit for you either.

Mallory adds that her favourite part of doing hair & makeup for weddings is that “it's incredible being a part of such a momentous day! Knowing that I'm helping a woman achieve her picture perfect day.”

If you have any other questions or would like to book Beauty by Mallory’s services please contact her.

Phone: 519-697-1384

On location services for bridal parties and special occasions. Salon services performed at Style House Salon 292 Dundas Street, London ON 519-432-6888

All things Bridal Beauty With Laura Peters

One of the most common things I hear from brides regarding their wedding day is they want to look like themselves, just at their very best and of course, look like a bride! They don't want to become someone new or confuse their friends and family, they simply want to be their most beautiful self. I absolutely love this! I feel when a bride finds her dream wedding dress, perfect veil and accessories, letting her true beauty shine through is the best way to  'glow' on her big day. Whether she opts for a soft, ethereal look or goes bold with a dramatic flair, when a bride embraces her unique beauty, she is always a knockout! As I mentioned in last week's post, this week is all about bridal beauty and there is no one better to talk makeup and glamour with than Laura Peters, a popular makeup artist based out of Strathroy. A truly talented and well-respected professional, Laura has been the 'it-girl' of aestheticians in our area for quite some time now. Her big-city talent in our small town makes her a true gem and a name to remember for all your big events! Lucky for us, Laura shared some of her best beauty tips for brides-to be and skincare suggestions we can all benefit from. Sounds like a beautiful thing to me!

Okay, Laura, you're my first blog interview! Here we go!

Dana: With all the potential stress of planning a wedding, what products are best for brides-to be with sensitive skin?

Laura: I have discovered 'Face of Hope' (a local business here in town) through my girlfriend and partner in beauty Megan Knoop. What’s great about their products, is that they are suitable for all skin types, purely natural and all organic.

Dana: Fantastic! As a gal with sensitive skin, this sounds like a product I'll be trying! Now, back to brides! Leading up to the wedding, would you recommend incorporating professional treatments into an existing beauty routine?

Laura: Great skincare is essential and it is super important to take care of your skin on a daily basis. A facial is important on a regular basis too, however for a bride on a budget, I would recommend a facial about one month before the big day. And if nothing else, no matter how tired you are, or how many glasses of wine you may have had, always remove all your makeup by cleansing and finishing with moisturizer!

D: Ah, so important! Also important- avoiding breakouts! Two weeks before the wedding, what are things brides should stay away from?

L: Late night cocktails and snacks before bed can be a trigger for breakouts. I recommend trying to avoid these a couple of weeks before the wedding.

D: I was scared you would say that. Come the big day, what are the biggest things brides can do to prep their skin for long-lasting bridal makeup?

L: A solution for long lasting makeup is cleansing then using a gentle exfoliant, toner and moisturizer the night before. The next morning, simply tone and moisturize, and with the help of a professional makeup artist and products, you will be set for the day.

D: Having professionals help along the way makes all the difference!  Laura, a lot of readers asked if you could suggest tips to bring out the beauty of mature skin, especially around the eye area. What are some ways to look absolutely glowing?

L: A lot of spas offer excellent non-surgical under eye treatments. To help prep, ask your aesthetician about different services offered for this and explore what options best suit your individual needs. Most treatments take a few weeks before results are noticeable so don’t forget to plan ahead if you are preparing for a special event.

You're right; along with commitment to your skincare and a healthy lifestyle, non-surgical treatments seem highly effective alternative! As for your business as a makeup artist...

D: How far in advance should brides and/or bridal parties contact you for bookings? Do you provide a consultation?

L: Organization is key to any successful event, so I would recommend booking sooner rather than later. It's one more thing to check off your list! I do provide a complimentary consultation for the brides with a booking.

D: And it's never too soon to cross something off your 'to-do' list! Do you and Megan offer your services for more than just weddings and big events?

L: Absolutely! A newer trend is something called “Trash the Dress” which can be a great way to express your “Alter Ego Bride.” Boudoir, engagement or even family photos create a timeline of your life, having  professional makeup application can always help capture the moment beautifully.

D: And I've seen you two girls do it countless times! That being said, what is your favourite part of working with brides on their wedding day?

L: Having been a bride myself, I know how important it is to surround yourself with not only beloved friends and family, but professionals whom you can share such intimate moments with. It’s an honour for me to be able to witness such a beautiful time in another one’s life!

Well, it's easy to see how brides would love working with Laura, too! A true gem. 

A big thanks to Laura for taking the time to provide her expert advice and of course, thank you all for submitting your questions! I'm happy it wasn't only my mom who sent some in! It was so fun to meet with Laura and talk beauty, and if you want to learn more, or contact Laura yourself, go ahead and email her at today! Also, Laura is hoping to have a site up and running, so I will definitely be providing a link at that time!

Stay beautiful,

Dana xo