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Can one word change your life?
For many, many women it has.

You see all around you are women who struggle with pain.
Some more severe than others.

They experience painful periods, painful intercourse, pain in between periods. They experience heavy bleeding, extreme fatigue and bowel problems.

They search and search for answers to this pain.
Which often leaves them more frustrated and overwhelmed.

Often they will suffer for years before ever getting a proper diagnosis.

That’s because while endometriosis affects roughly 11% of women, there is no effective way to test for it without surgery. And a lot of health care professionals are not properly trained in endometriosis.

So for many women, like myself getting that diagnosis of endometriosis does change their life.

It gives them answers, it gives them hope and it gives them a sisterhood of women who understand.


1 in 10.
It’s time to shine a light on this disease and to find a way to diagnose it.


On Sunday, September 23rd at 2pm, the staff at Once Upon A Time Weddings will host a fashion show to help do just that. The event will take place at the Seniors Centre in Strathroy.

Tickets are on sale for $15 below or in store.

Join us for fashion, food, and fun to bring a light to those women who suffer in silence and frustration.