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The Ultimate Gown Finding Experience

Book a VIP Bridal Appointment and have the entire store to yourself!  Bring up to 8 guests with you and experience the ultimate gown finding appointment.

This appointment includes,

  • a private, two hour consultation after hours
  • refreshments + drinks
  • bridal swag bag
  • bottle of champagne to take home & celebrate with

VIP appointments are $200.  When you purchase your gown at your VIP appointment, half of the cost of your VIP appointment goes towards your gown.

Here's what bride Patty had to say about her VIP experience,

OMG what an amazing day!! I had tried on over 60 dresses before this appointment, and nothing compared to my Princess Bridal experience. At some of the other stores I went to, there would be people walking past me and standing between my bridesmaids and I. With this package, it's just you and your loved ones in the store, with your own consultant! There are no distractions or other people staring at you. The moment I said yes to my dress, everyone in the store (all 9 of us lol!) clapped and cheered, which was an undescribable feeling. I'm even crying as I'm writing this! 
The champagne was popped, and I got to stand in my dress, with my girls by my side, for as long as I wanted. I didn't have to rush to take it off because the next bride needed the change room. The day was all about us, and it was fabulous. 
I highly recommend booking this package! It sets an incredible mood for the rest of your planning!
Xoxo, Patsy (almost) Jauniaux

VIP appointments are available in the evenings and on Sunday afternoons.