When should I shop for my gown?

Brides wedding magazine recommends shopping for your gown at least a year out from your wedding. At Once Upon A Time Weddings we know that shopping for your wedding gown can be one of the most exciting parts of getting engaged. Once you finalize your gown, you’ll often be amazed at how many other details for your wedding day fall into place. With that said, if you have less than a year until your wedding day, we can most certainly still help you! All of our gowns are available for purchase right off the rack and we can often rush a gown if time is tighter.

Why does it take so long to get a gown in?

All of our wedding gowns are cut to order. That means that once we place the order with the designer, the factory begins making it.

We chose the closest size to your measurements and we order that size for you.

Due to the intricate nature of wedding gowns, they do take 4-5 months to make and then they are shipped to us.


What price range do your gowns run?

At Once Upon A Time Weddings we stock wedding gowns from $800 up to $2700.

Your bridal consultant will make sure she pulls gowns that are within the range that you’re hoping to stay within.

What determines the cost of the gown?

There are four factors that are used to determine the cost of a wedding gown: where the gown is made, what fabric is used for the gown, the beadwork and intricate detailing of the gown, and the inner construction of the wedding gown. When you’re comparing pricing of different gowns, remember to take these four factors into consideration.


What other types of gowns do you sell?

At Once Upon A Time Weddings our main focus is on brides— it’s what we’re all about. We sell wedding gowns, accessories and bridesmaids gowns. We do not sell dresses for flower girls or carry any specific lines for mother's gowns.


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